Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ghost Surgery Legal Definition

Ghost Surgery Legal Definition  This one is very interesting.  I have opined that with the evidence of my poor surgical outcome, and the absence of my doctor that the PA was allowed to perform my surgery without my consent.  Hospital documents show the PA as my surgeon without even showing my surgeon as his assistant.  (hospital was cited for this)  How would I be able to PROVE the substitution when I was slammed with Versed, draped and then given general anesthetic against my will without ever having seen my surgeon?  I was awake and cognizant right up until the tube was jammed down my throat and at no time did I see my surgeon although his signature appears, without the required time stamp, (another violation of the law) on the records.  He is signing that I have been told about the risks and benefits by himself and that I have agreed to it.  Also in violation of the law.  All that risk/benefit stuff is supposed to be in law.

No matter if it was the janitor pressed into service or the physician's assistant, this substitution BY LAW has to be explained to me and my consent given.  Please tell me how this can happen when the whole thrust of medical care is to conceal this kind of information from the patient.  It's a violation on so many levels, yet it seems to happen so frequently.  I'm beginning to believe that cameras recording a single copy of the surgery on a disc, and available to the patient should be the law.  If the surgical center wants to record surgery for training and other purposes and disseminate the images far and wide, then we should have access to those images.  Obviously we patients need to have some way of determining what the medical minions are doing to us, once they have us incapacitated.

It's not just surgery, it's using us as living cadavers, training tools without our consent.  It's not having students line up to probe our vaginas or colons while we are out.  It's having no way of knowing if the people involved are washing their hands so we don't get a hospital acquired infection.  It's seeing just how many extraneous people are running in and out of the sterile field, watching, "assisting" or otherwise indulging in non essential things during that time we are most helpless and vulnerable.  We need to know if we are being sexually assaulted while "alone" with a medical minion.  It has happened in several cases.  If we have not given specific consent for all these other people to do things to us, then we have a tort.  Except if you are unfortunate enough to live in a tort reform state, then what you have is too damn bad.

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