Thursday, April 30, 2015

Midazolam REJECTED For Lethal Injection!

Here's an article for you!  Midazolam aka Versed (VERsatile SEDative) aka "Vitamin V" is creating controversy within the lethal injection crowd.  Apparently it is "cruel and unusual punishment".  The opponents of the use of Midazolam are complaining that there is "SEARING PAIN" that the poor little inmates are expected to bear as the other drugs are injected.   The ones that finish them off.  Here's the weird part...we patients are subjected to Midazolam and searing pain, not just from the other drugs, but also the procedures themselves...but we don't count.  How is it that the final moments of a convicts life are important but innocent patients are expected to deal with "searing pain"?   Midazolam is unacceptable for use as a part of lethal injections and it is unacceptable to use on blameless, trusting patients.  BAN THIS DRUG!

Here is the article in situ;
Manufacturer asks Oklahoma to return any execution drugs -

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