Saturday, June 9, 2012

Another HORROR Story With Versed/Midazolam

I got this shocking post in my comments section as shown.  This was so wrenching for me that I decided to publish it in the main body of my blog.  This is so very wrong on so many levels...  This should never have happened.

jiggaz31 has left a new comment on your post "Law and Order Episode":

"I was given Versed against my will by a CRNA in 9/2007. My last waking memory was of him injecting my IV. I did not know what he was giving me at the time; only that he promised it would only 'relax' me and not put me to sleep. The hospital tried to obtain my consent for a totally different surgical procedure than I agreed to only two days prior. I refused surgery and refused to sign the consent and asked to speak with my doctor. While I was waiting to speak with my doctor, Versed was injected into my IV. My family told me that as soon as the CRNA injected my IV, the O.R. nurse came into my room and tried to obtain my signature on the consent I had refused to sign. I was 'out' though so this did not work out as they obviously planned. However, the O.R. nurse turned to my mother and told her to sign the consent. My mother signed it; having no idea what she was signing. Of course, obtaining consent from someone other than the patient for an elective surgery is illegal (unless there is an emergent and/or life and death situation). I cannot begin to express in mere words the horror of waking up (especially when I did not know I had been asleep) and learning that I was in recovery and that all six of my healthy sex organs had been amputated. I had been sterilized, castrated, mutilated and robbed of six vital organs and the hormones and chemicals they produce. I cried out that I wanted to die and this is noted in my hospital record. My life since that surgery is a life of torment on every level; physically, mentally and even spiritually. Had I not been given Versed against my will; I would not be sterilized, castrated and disabled today. I would have a life. I have attempted suicide many times since waking up from that barbaric and mutilating surgery. Unless a person has endured the horror of being given Versed and the horror of enduring a surgical procedure they did not need and/or did not consent to; there is no way they can understand the devastating consequences of Versed on many levels. This is a great site. I'm thankful to have run across it. Please keep up the good work in exposing the very dangerous and evil drug Versed. I will continue to speak out loudly about Versed and about what happened to me until I'm dead."


  1. Okay, I know I'm not tech savy, but didn't think I was so stupid that I couldn't figure out how to post a comment on your blog. So.... in response to the poor person who had their insides removed after getting poisoned with Versed this is what I want to comment:

    "How in the world can this be considered even close to ethical let alone legal behavior on the part of the hospital staff?! It’s not like some problem was fixed – parts were permanently removed! Unconscionable. I am flabbergasted. I am shocked. I am furious. I am in fear for my safely next time I have to go to the hospital. The unmitigated gall of these people knows no bounds. And I’m sure the hospital and surgeons billed the patient and expect prompt payment. Please tell me this person sued everyone involved and won a huge multi-million dollar settlement. Please."
    This comment came to my in-box. I completely agree with the commenter!

  2. I never really thought deeply about this, but my gp and his nurse seemed shocked when I told them that I have never had a hysterectomy. Nothing has been removed or tampered with (c-section excluded) and I'm now 57. In light of this poor woman's experience I'm beginning to see just why these people were surprised. Just how popular is it to "castrate" women? What is going on here?

  3. It's all but impossible to sue due to 'tort reform' in most states; especially in Ohio. I filed a medical malpractice suit in 12/08 but it looks as if it will be forever dismissed next month. Due to tort reform, there are caps on what juries can award and it is required by law that experts must testify at trial. Cases like mine can easily cost well over $100,000.00 just to get them to trial. Lawyers can't get their money back out of a case like mine so they won't 'front' the money for them. I am disabled due to the surgery and live on approximated $800 a month SSD; not enough for food and medicine or a place to live - much less a medical malpractice suit. I lost everything after being hysterectomized and castrated. I've been through three lawyers since 12/08, my case was dismissed for nearly a year and my third lawyer withdrew last month. The judge in my case has given me until July 18th to find another lawyer. I don't have the money needed to pay for expert testimony. And... I can't even represent myself due to the fact that experts won't testify unless I'm represented by a lawyer. All of this is illegal, criminal and against my rights as spelled out in the 'Bill of Rights'; specifically the 7th Amendment. Nobody cares though. There is no hope. I've spent every minute since that barbaric and mutilating surgery trying to find help - a legal remedy of some kind. There is none I can find. The trauma is too great to endure; physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. That's why many women choose suicide...

  4. In response to just how popular it is to castrate women... In the U.S., it's the second most performed surgery. It's estimated that a woman is hysterectomized every 30 seconds and approximately 75% of those women are castrated at the same time. It's also estimated that hysterectomy, and especially castration, is not necessary approximately 90% of the time and life-saving approximately 1% of the time. 'Greed' rather than 'need' dictates the de-sexing of Ameican women. Living in a 'castrated state' is something I would not wish on my worst enemy. In 1985, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it constitutes 'cruel and unusual punishment' to surgically castrate convicted sex offenders and child molesters. Yet, nearly a million innocent and unsuspecting women are surgically castrated each year. Sadly, the United States of America leads the world in this mutilating and barbaric surgery. Unconscionable... For more information on this subject, I recommend reading 'Gynocide: Hysterectomy, Capitalist Patriarchy and the Medical Abuse of Women'. It quite the eye opener. And, were it not for an evil little drug called Versed; I would not even be aware of this information.