Tuesday, June 26, 2012

crna's AGAIN!

I love going over to http://www.nurse-anesthesia.org/  They are always informative, even if sometimes I wish I hadn't read some of it.  I found this today.  If you ever wondered how much regard anesthesia nurses have for their patients look at what they write here Crazies  I know that they think that they are so funny, along with all their other superior traits, but really...  Here are a few choice excerpts.

"So I am curious to see what does everyone else do when you wake a patient up and they are crazy as hell and don't know what is going on. Do you give some propofol, narcs, put them back down, or smack them in the head? What is everyone's plan with this happens?"  (emphasis mine)

"a nice soft pillow.... "  The red X marks the spot for the smiley face icon apparently laughing.
"held TIGHTLY over their face .......... ( Lord forgive me and bleess [sic] all the little pygmies in New Guinea!)"   The red X marks the spot for a little praying smiley face icon.  God may forgive you, but *I* don't!

"You must have one amazing patient population to never have a patient wake up even slightly nuts. But for me I will use a cc or two of propofol and/or give a little extra narc. Today I had a 50ish lady for hysteroscopy (20min case) that woke up after 100 of fent with a deer in headlights look and was going bannanas. Gave another 50 of fent and a cc of propofol and when she came to in the PACU she couldn't stop thinking me. (I think he/she meant to say "thanking me") God I HATE these patients!"  Look at the last line "God I HATE these patients!"  (emphasis in original post)  Kinda makes you all warm and fuzzy doesn't it?
"Duct tape.
Actually, Midazolam...but I fantasize about duct tape."
The red X marks the smiley face icon.  Compassion at its finest, doncha think?

The quotes are from different nurses.  They are all up in the PUBLIC section for us all to see!  Do you get the picture?  Are you rolling on the floor from their crude and juvenile humor?  I thought not.  If you go through the responses, oddly enough they like to give their patients YET MORE VERSED!  So from these anti-social misanthropes we get shot up with a drug that causes problems and their solution is to give patients more of the drug that causes problems. 

I also want to point out another little jewel gleaned from this page.  That being Sevoflurane as a culprit in "wild awakenings.'  As if I needed more proof of what an absolute MORON my crna was, I find that sevo, which my crna used, causes or exacerbates wild awakenings.  What was this idiot thinking?  I told him I have paradoxical reactions to anesthesia drugs and ALWAYS wake up fighting and strapped down.  So in his infinite wisdom he decides to use a drug that is known to cause, well, WILD AWAKENINGS!  Then he jams me with a bunch more Versed, thereby delaying the fight until he could escape.  He left the PACU nurses to deal with me trying to kill them!  I wasn't even strapped down!  I was loose in the PACU staggering around like the Versed zombie I was, trying to kill people! 

My advice is never, ever to allow a nurse to provide anesthesia for you.  They do not appear mature enough to handle the job.  Judge for yourself.


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    1. It is beyond shocking that medical 'professionals' such as CRNA's who put people to sleep and then wake them up make such 'alarming' and 'disrespectful' remarks/comments about their patients. It literally takes my breath away to read them. I know that the public, for the most part, has no idea that blogs like these even exist; much less the kinds of discussions that are contained within. All CRNA's can't be of this sick mind-set but it's very very disturbing that many of them do have this mind-set. VERY DISTURBING! There is no question that the public needs to realize this truth before blindly trusting these 'professionals' with the lives of their loved ones who undergo medical procedures and surgeries. I keep asking this same question... What ever happened to 'first do no harm?'