Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Versed Creates Violent Tendencies

This one is also from my comments section as noted.  Warning, this is another heartbreaking story.

Nicholas Klein has left a new comment on your post "Another Physician Speaks Out Against Versed":

"I was doped up on fentanyl, versed, and propofol for a day and a half -- even on e mechanical vent for a day....flipped out, let AMA just a hour later, and tried to kill 3 people....I have not slept a full night since it happen 15 months ago...and cry almost everyday...I am now dying as complication from all the stress have made it to difficult to fight my AIDS of 22 yrs anymore. I went from a 900 t-cell to 100+. I am just hoping I die now so the emotional pain is over." a video I made - others are there too.


Please Nicholas, don't give up!  It took me 3 years to start to feel normal, and *I* don't have a devastating illness such as yours.  Hope and a good attitude is so important with a disease like yours.  One of my very best "girlfriends" passed away in the 80's from AIDS.  He was an inspiration to many people.  He also outlasted all of his former partners.  I still miss him as I'm sure you have people who will miss you terribly. 

I experienced the sleeplessness as well.  I wondered just how long I could last without sleep and I terrified my family.  I wandered the hallways night and day, like a ghost, full of fury and rage, plotting payback for the people responsible for my mental deterioration.  My fantasies involved tazers and pencils...  You can use your imagination.  I also cried constantly and considered suicide, just to make the jangled nerves in my head STOP!  I found that mega doses of fish oil, and the occasional Lexapro helped.  I can't suggest that to you because of your meds, but it might be something to ask the doctors about.

PS  I in no way am insinuating anything or pretending to know how Mr. Klein contracted AIDS.  There are many ways to get this dread disease.  The only close personal friend of MINE that has had AIDS was gay.  He showed horses with me, and we became fast friends.  That is the SOLE REASON I used him as an example.

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