Saturday, June 2, 2012

Could Be Versed/Midazolam?

I wish that the news media would at least try to find out what the mysterious zombie drug used in this article

John Bolaris, Former Weatherman, Allegedly Seduced, Conned Out of $43,000 By Sexy Bar Girls

Judging by how "cooperative" John Bolaris, the newsman who was the victim in this report was, it smacks of Versed.  Apparently Versed can now be purchased at the pharmacy by anybody who "treats" seizures at home, so it's no wonder that Versed would find itself being used by nefarious underworld characters who want easy access to an obedient mark. 

The amnesia aspect of this story is also remarkable.  What a great drug!  The only problem I can see is in dosing the prospective victim enough so that they are responsive, yet obedient, and also so that they retain "little or no memory" (quote stolen from the sedation dentistry people) of events. 

Isn't it helpful that only 2 mls or less of this brain poison can create these desired effect?  Just think how convenient this is.  The subject of the Huffington Post piece linked above was in a bar, but that just made it even easier.  What if you are on the subway?  One little spritz of the newly approved aerosol Versed could make them go with you while you rob them.  They can take pictures of the victim "cooperating" with the thug, cleaning his/her own bank account out.  The bank will have the film on file.  PROVE that you didn't mean to give said thugs all of your money! 

Whoever heard about a zombie drug?  Versed is the best kept secret out there.  I never knew about Versed until AFTER my incident.  Even then I was in a total state of shock about the supposed amnesia, which I never got.  I was originally upset over the OBEDIENCE with people who were bad mouthing me, insulting me and doing everything I had FORBIDDEN! 

I sympathize with the victim in this case.  I'd love to know which of the date rape drugs he was given. 

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