Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lighter Side Of MedMal

This item came in my inbox today.  Man Dies While Engaged in Threesome; Family Sues Cardiologist and Wins $3 Million For Failure to Warn!  This man's family won 3 million dollars.  UNBELIEVABLE!  This should have come under the heading of "frivolous" lawsuit.  Those of us who have truly been injured by medical personnel can't do a thing about it, but this guy's family gets 3 mil?  If I were his wife, I would be thinking it was divine justice.  The very last thing that would occur to me is to sue the doctor! 

So now we have yet another stupid, unjustified lawsuit that plays right into the hands of the tort reform group.  The truly injured get nothing but the runaround and these sensational cases get rewarded.  Where is OUR lawsuit for "failure to warn" about Versed and the permanent damage so many of us have suffered as a consequence? 

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