Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shush! Think Of The Other Patients!

After finding the "Crazies" conversation I wrote about recently, I relived my experience in the PACU where I had my epiphany about the sorry state of medical care these days.  I just want to expound on what NOT to say to a wild patient in the PACU!

Let's start right off with WHOSE FAULT IT WAS that I was out of control in the PACU.  NOT MINE!  I am not the one who decided to inject me with disinhibiting drugs.  In fact I declined any such thing, along with general anesthetic.  I gave permission for a nerve block of their choice, an opioid pain killer in miniscule amounts when requested (no Demerol, which causes me to hallucinate) and a nausea medication.  That's all.  I was very clear about it.  I went on at length about my paradoxical reactions to anesthesia meds, previous experiences with anesthesia including the fact that I had two (2) open reductions on my femur, with a bone graft, WITHOUT sedation or general anesthesia, the difficulty in knocking me out, my "wild awakenings" to include restraints AND for good measure, the fact that I was a cash patient trying to keep costs down.  There is nothing unusual about what I wanted, in fact if you read medical journals, my way is the BEST way for the patient.  MEDICAL PEOPLE decided to do things to me which I had refused permission for.  It made me justifiably angry.  My debacle was entirely caused by medical people, in particular an anesthesia NURSE, defying my wishes and breaking the law as it pertains to consent. 

As my "treatment" went on I became increasingly furious at what was being done to me.  After my shock at perceiving that my anesthesiologist (actually a crna) was proceeding to do everything I had forbidden in complete and total disregard for the LAW, I was absolutely LIVID!   The slackness of my muscles, my poor coordination and inability to speak anything but gibberish prevented me from doing anything about it at the time.  My last thoughts as I was being knocked out against my will, and a tube being crammed down my throat were;  "I can't do anything about this now, but when I wake up, WATCH OUT!  This little b@#$%^d doctor (I was still laboring under the delusion that my anesthesia nurse was a real doctor) is going to get a piece of my mind for the deliberate drugging against my will and for all the snide, nasty comments he made about me, right in front of my face!  I will not PAY for this either!  (and I never did, keep that in mind)  I had NO IDEA that I was supposed to have amnesia.  I would NEVER have consented to a simple sedative let alone one like Versed.  Just so you know.

So when I "woke up" on my feet, swinging my arm cast like a club and swearing like a sailor, the nurse who was cowering in the corner tried to SHUSH ME.  "Think of the other patients" she exclaimed from the far corner.  Believe me when I tell you that shushing an irate, drugged up, disinhibited patient isn't a good idea.  It inflamed me even more.  "F#$k the other patients" was my response.  Then I became increasingly violent.  (good thing I was dizzy, I hate to think what I would have done had I been able to...)   Secretly I hoped that the whole hospital could hear me.  Hundreds of medical workers galloped down the halls toward my curtained cubicle.  Sounded like it anyway.  But they were afraid to come in...  I could hear them discussing how best to proceed from behind the curtain and it made me happy.  I was bellowing about date rape drugs and informed consent.  I had my murderous drugged up eye fixed on the smarta$$ nurse crouched in the corner.  I wanted that damn anesthesia "doctor" back. 

FYI the crna responsible was long gone.  He was probably in the men's room hiding in a stall.  Brave man who won't face the music for his own actions.  Nobody would get him for me.  It took an hour before a smirking little (real) anesthesiologist came in.  He was probably scared too.  His report is on the blog and I am telling you that what he wrote is NOT what I said.  He was covering his a$$.  Luckily my husband was there by that time and can verify this.

This all made me even angrier.  At no time was any concern or compassion shown for me.  It was all about how I was mucking up THEIR life.  They were upset about THAT, but not about my situation!  Well, screw them.  Maybe next time they will think twice about going along with some uppity anesthesia nurse when he/she does things to patients that they EXPRESSLY forbade!  Don't EVER try to shush me again you medical workers.  Keep on my good side by not injecting me with brain poison and we will get along fine.  I'm a very nice person, don't mess that up with drugs, especially that vile poison Versed.  Do as I say.  If you can convince me to go along with the program YOU want, good for you!  If not, don't you DARE try to shush me when YOUR illegally injected drugs and unlawful treatment are responsible for my behavior.

"Sorry you are upset" doesn't cut it either.  Take some responsibility for your own actions which CAUSED me to be upset.  I already know you're all really sorry I was upset.  I caused a major scene.  You SHOULD be sorry you attacked me with drugs and treatments I said not to give me!  Telling me that a date rape drug wasn't used on me when *I* KNOW that it was, I was there, makes me angry too.  Don't try it.  You know full well that Versed is a perfect date rape drug.  Do NOT tell me that Versed is for your own good.  I am a competent adult and I make my own decisions, which, by law, you must abide by.  How much good did this drug do ME?  Be honest.  Giving me this drug was for YOUR benefit, not mine.  So you people have no right to be upset with ME.  YOU caused the problem.  Own it.

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  1. These are the monsters of our medical system; the ethically deficient and criminally -minded 'medical molesters'. They commit heinous acts of what can only be called medical violence against their patients (victims). They are Anesthesiologists and CRNA's who, without consent, inject whatever drug they want into their patient (victim) - relargless of what their patient wants or what is best for their 'patient'(victim).

    This is what goes on behind closed doors, under the surgical blankets and behind the screens in our hospitals and clinics. Innocent and unsuspecting patients are injected with various poisons like Versed and then all manner of criminal activity begins or rather continues; including patients being further victimized and violated by their health care providers whom they trust. Sadly, this is how M.D.'s, Anesthesiologists and CRNA's are being trained as part of their medical education.

    Your disease is their 'treatment experiment'. Your suffering is in some sick way their 'amusement' as many of them freely and boldly admit on their blogs. You are there essentially to be treated like an unconscious rag doll by medical staff who have lost any and all sense of the meaning behind the term "health care". Make no mistake. These are despicable people and the fact that they think about and treat innocent and unsuspecting patients in the way they do is why health care is such an utter failure on every level.

    Times are changing and conventional medicine is resorting to outright desperation to keep itself in business at a time when most people are heading in the direction of holistic medicine based on patient compassion and understanding. And this is my hope.

    The hope that keeps me going is that I believe this era of medical violence against children and adults is crumbling by the day and I believe there will come a day in the near future when rogue M.D.'s, Anesthesiologist's and CRNA's will pend their days in prison convicted of their crimes. If one reaps what one sows; then this is what we can expect to see happen to these medical degenerates.