Sunday, May 13, 2012

Law and Order Episode

I love Law and Order, the TV series.  Today they ran one of the SVU episodes which featured Versed as an assault/murder drug.  The episode is entitled "Serendipity" and is episode 5, from season 5.  They talked about the victim being placed unlawfully under the influence of Versed, cognizant of what was happening and helpless to do anything about it.  Sound familiar?  You KNOW the drug is bad when it makes periodic appearances on a show such as this!  When I see some of the other episodes that mention Versed as a drug used in sexual attacks I will jot them down here on the blog so that you can be on the lookout for them.  Another one of them mentions "Dazzle" being used in a sexual assault ...  Dazzle being Midazolam/Versed, just so medical people can't try to weasel out of this by claiming "dazzle" isn't Versed.  Anyway, I will identify those additional "Versed" episodes for you as they come up..

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  1. I was given Versed against my will by a CRNA in 9/2007. My last waking memory was of him injecting my IV. I did not know what he was giving me at the time; only that he promised it would only 'relax' me and not put me to sleep. The hospital tried to obtain my consent for a totally different surgical procedure than I agreed to only two days prior. I refused surgery and refused to sign the consent and asked to speak with my doctor. While I was waiting to speak with my doctor, Versed was injected into my IV. My family told me that as soon as the CRNA injected my IV, the O.R. nurse came into my room and tried to obtain my signature on the consent I had refused to sign. I was 'out' though so this did not work out as they obviously planned. However, the O.R. nurse turned to my mother and told her to sign the consent. My mother signed it; having no idea what she was signing. Of course, obtaining consent from someone other than the patient for an elective surgery is illegal (unless there is an emergent and/or life and death situation). I cannot begin to express in mere words the horror of waking up (especially when I did not know I had been asleep) and learning that I was in recovery and that all six of my healthy sex organs had been amputated. I had been sterilized, castrated, mutilated and robbed of six vital organs and the hormones and chemicals they produce. I cried out that I wanted to die and this is noted in my hospital record. My life since that surgery is a life of torment on every level; physically, mentally and even spiritually. Had I not been given Versed against my will; I would not be sterilized, castrated and disabled today. I would have a life. I have attempted suicide many times since waking up from that barbaric and mutilating surgery. Unless a person has endured the horror of being given Versed and the horror of enduring a surgical procedure they did not need and/or did not consent to; there is no way they can understand the devastating consequences of Versed on many levels. This is a great site. I'm thankful to have run across it. Please keep up the good work in exposing the very dangerous and evil drug Versed. I will continue to speak out loudly about Versed and about what happened to me until I'm dead.