Saturday, October 31, 2009

Interesting FACTS about POCD and PTSD Following Surgery

anesthesia and changed mental function This study shows some alarming facts about what anesthesia does to people LONG TERM! The very facts that we patients are pointing out to our medical teams and being dismissed are actual facts. I wonder how many of the people in this study were given VERSED? They say even minor surgery can cause COPD and PTSD. What anesthesia agents are being used in this "minor" surgery? As you can see it is in the best interest of the patient to be allowed to remain awake and alert, without chemical amnesia, especially if this is what the patient desires. Notice also that the excuse that older people had disintigrating minds BEFORE being given anesthesia is also proved totally false. On the chart which shows the age group, please note which age group has the HIGHEST incidence of COPD. It isn't the older person. Also as an aside, if it were true that older people have more problems with anesthesia then why are they being given Versed? HMMM?

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