Friday, October 2, 2009

This particular site has been a gold mine.

Elsewhere in this blog I have shown little self tapping purple or magenta screws sticking out into "who knows what" in my forearm. Well, here is the exact same screw right down to the color, in somebody else's arm. LOOK WHAT JUST THIS ONE SCREW DID!!!!! I need to get in to a Dr. as soon as possible and have this checked out! I had 3 of them sticking out between 1/4 and 3/8's inch minimum. These are clearly visible in all the x-rays here on this blog, and I show them on a fake skeleton arm here as well. Check it out!Guest Professor David Nelson Case 2 As an aside, the woman in whose arm this happened was also dismissed as a crazy. Is this something Dr.s routinely do in order to minimize their culpability? At least this one finally took her seriously and didn't just summarily dismiss her like mine did.

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