Thursday, October 1, 2009

X-Rays Showing Placement

Compare this to the one from Dr. M's office... The bones have NOT shrunk, settled, or anything else. This is how they were placed in the original surgery and this is how they remained until they were removed.
In the first x ray you can see the "proper" placement of the screws. Note the "barely palpable" tip of the longest screw. This is also visible in "Dr. M's X-Rays" in the same exact position! These x-rays were taken a year and half after surgery. I suffered with this stuff in my arm shredding who knows what for that long.
Here is the x ray from a slighly different angle. Dr. V had these taken because I was complaining about it and he took me seriously.
Doesn't this look comfortable? Am I hysterical and imagining this? Look at all the screws sticking out! Dr. M said that this is fine, that these can stay in my arm forever. These screws have not moved one single millimeter! See the x-rays under "Dr. M's X-Rays"

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