Monday, October 5, 2009

"Vast Improvement"

Here we have it! "VAST IMPROVEMENT" Not so I would notice. I was already having major problems with at least one of the screws, and look how he dismisses my concerns! "... does not appear objectively in any way to be related to the position or placement of the screw." "All hardware appears to be appropriately positioned" Then he goes on to threaten me with Versed (which I notice he didn't mention in this letter) and general anesthetic again!!! He cannot understand why all of this might upset me! I did NOT in fact require general anesthesia OR Versed to remove these screws. Look for yourself and see if you see the that the hardware could be a problem. He knew that I had no more money for a second opinion! I was totally screwed (pardon the pun!) at this point and my caring surgeon was pretending like I was insane!

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