Saturday, October 3, 2009

Informed Consent for Interscalene Block?

Here is one of my discharge papers. Click on it and read! At no time did I give permission for an Interscalene block. IF they actually gave it to me it would have been when I was unconscious which is much more risky. I was only willing to accept the risks of an axillery block so that I would NOT have to have general anesthetic. I find no reference to this interscalene block anywhere in my patient charts. I should NOT have learned of this by reading this paper. This should have been revealed and an informed consent obtained PRIOR to surgery. I still am not sure I got this, or was this paperwork actually for the axillery block? Why would I have this shoulder block when I had already had an axillery block and general anesthetic. I find this announcement to be in violation of patient rights law and unethical as well.

Reducing Complications from Interscalene Blocks

I also want to add that this paper was the only communication from anybody. This was yet another unpleasant SURPRISE from the medical professionals. My surgeon was long gone or unavailable when I was released from the hospital. Nobody will answer my questions about this or anything else. I also have to admit that I was completely out of control in the PACU as noted elsewhere in this blog. I accept that these people wanted me OUT OF THERE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. Not any faster than I myself wanted out...

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