Friday, October 2, 2009

Found this recent study on ORIF

Complications of Volar Plating My Dr. didn't believe that this stuff could happen. Even when he saw my x-rays and heard my complaints, he still didn't respond to it. My case is not in these kinds of studies because my Dr. doesn't believe there were any problems whatsoever with his surgery. He was fine with my loss of grip, numbness, thumb not working, pain, screw sticking up almost out of the skin, the shredding of my muscles and tendons, loss of mobility in my wrist, this is all just fine because the bone is marginally straighter. he seemed shocked that I would complain about the surgery. He acted like I was nuts to think that he should have revealed all of this PRIOR to surgery. He made sure that he never saw me in the hospital, being over an hour late for surgery and I wonder if this was a ploy to avoid having to answer any questions? He wouldn't take my calls in the days preceding the surgery either. I thought he was just busy, but NOW after everything, I have my suspicions. Nobody will answer any questions for me and the next two surgeons were busy making excuses for Dr. M. If all these bad outcomes are common, as shown in this study, then why wasn't I made aware of all this so I could make a decision NOT TO HAVE THIS SURGERY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. I NEVER WOULD HAVE AGREED TO THIS SURGERY BECAUSE OF THE EXTREME RISK INVOLVED!!!!!

Where is the new legislation in this "Health Care Reform" bill to prevent what happened to me from happening to anybody else? Where are the huge fines for violating patient rights? Where are the criminal statutes for deliberately defying patient rights laws? Where is the mediation for the enormous hospital bills these people run up while disobeying patient wishes? Where is the legislation forcing hospitals to be responsible for patient rights while in their facility? Where is the pricing transparency like they have for auto mechanics? Where is the legislation forcing anybody in the health care field to be randomly drug tested? Where is the legislation for ensuring that health care providers are mentally competent to provide care for helpless people? Where is the legislation providing for mediation or arbitration? Is it OK to treat people like I was treated so that the medical people can suck the last dime out of our whole economy? We patients are absolutely helpless!!!! We aren't being treated like humans at all and all our politicians can talk about is TORT REFORM? What the hell. Why can't I be held harmless for any careless, reckless thing I may do? I don't like paying so much for liability insurance on my big rig! (Everybody knows big rigs have good insurance and deep pockets!) I have to pay huge additional insurance lest I harm somebody's property when I make a delivery as well! I don't want to pay home owners insurance in case somebody gets hurt on my property through no fault of my own! Where is the legislation CAPPING THE COST OF HEALTH INSURANCE? Oh hell no, we are only going to help out the rich Doctors. They don't want to pay 20,000 of their million dollar salary for malpractice insurance do they? (so what if I do as a moron truck driver!) They don't want to be held responsible for directly defying patient wishes. They want to make sure they have an unending supply of helpless people to injure further.

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