Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dr. X X-Rays

This is the original break. I had straightened it out myself before my little girl saw it and freaked out. Looks fairly OK. ( I accidently flipped this x-ray.)

Here are the first x-rays taken after the surgery. I had to FORCE MYSELF to return to the Dr. I was very upset by the assault with anesthesia drugs, the numbness, my thumb didn't work, my upper arm was a throbbing agony from the tourniquet, and the incision was straight through the tendons on the tender underside of my wrist, screws sticking out of the bone everywhere! This was all completely unexpected. It felt like a cheese grater was in my wrist joint. Very painful. You can also see the styloid fracture of the Ulna which was left untreated.

A little over a month past the surgery. I was still complaining about all of the above and the pain and swelling in my wrist joint. I could see and feel the tip of the longest screw sticking up from my wrist. I imagined that if I pressed down on the bump, I could create a hole in my skin with the screw tip. I was paranoid about infection, this screw giving me arthritis, this screw wrecking my wrist joint and cutting my tendon to my thumb... These are also from Dr. X's office. I complained and he fired me as a patient.

The last x-rays from Dr. X 7/12/2006. You can also clearly see the "locking" screw protruding out of the bone and into the bottom of my wrist (volar aspect) in this x-ray and the previous one, along with all the screws sticking out into my forearm.

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