Monday, December 30, 2013

Don't be upset with me! Blame the crna.

A lot of people are upset that I write about Versed/Midazolam.  They are upset that I slam crna's and anybody else who routinely damages patients brains with Versed.  They are upset that I reveal what "informed consent" has devolved into.  They are really upset that I have taken on the horrible effects of Versed on the human mind and the cavalier disregard our medical workers have for our cognitive function.  I have news for them...

The ONLY reason I am here typing away on my computer is because of a crna, his lack of concern for the LAWS pertaining to medical care and his absolute disdain for me as a person and ALL of his trusting patients as a group.  Think of it.

Had my crna LISTENED to me about not getting sedation or general anesthetic and the reasons why, I wouldn't be here.  I would never have known what Versed was.  Versed is such a tightly held secret, that many or most people who are kicked in the head with this poison DON'T EVEN KNOW they got it!  They don't know that the reason their memory is impaired or "foggy" is because of a sedation drug.  They don't know that the reason mom, dad, grandma or grampa ended up in a nursing home after surgery is because of a sedation drug.  Of course medical people will feign ignorance about the reason the loved one went senile suddenly.  They will never reveal that the drug they love to use, that makes people docile and amnestic, is the culprit.  My crna is responsible for me KNOWING AND CARING about this particular poison.  Without him defying my wishes, I wouldn't be here.

My crna was above following the law.  He knows and I know that he broke the law by treating me against my wishes.  It wasn't like I didn't discuss with him fully the parameters of my care.  I told him in no uncertain terms not to sedate me (actually I said NO DRUGS THAT WILL INCAPACITATE ME) and not to give me general anesthetic.  There was no UNLESS in my instructions.  I did NOT leave anything to his discretion.  It's the LAW that he respect this.  This man was so accustomed to breaking the law, that apparently he didn't give it a second thought.  I am thinking that nurses are trained to ignore patient wishes in favor of what they personally want to do.  That's NOT why we have patient rights laws and protections.  There would be no need for these LAWS if the medical workers were allowed to do whatever they want, now would there?  *I* knew that there were laws to protect me from overzealous medical workers!  I expected them to be followed.  I KNEW what an informed consent should look like and I never signed one.  Boy was I stupid.  So now I know that informed consent laws are violated with impunity.  How did I find this out?  Who is to blame for this?  The crna, that's who.

So we have a crna who breaks the law, a medical entity who has no fiduciary duty to make sure the law is followed, and an informed consent which has been turned into a hold-harmless document.  A vague consent which allows any kind of law breaking.  By signing todays "informed" consent what the patient is actually doing is giving away ALL OF THEIR RIGHTS!  Just take a look at what passes for INFORMED consent these days.  It's a joke.  There is no information there.  Just statements that say everything has been explained, not exactly WHAT was explained as required by law.  On my chart the crna wrote that everything had been explained AND ACCEPTED by the patient.  He lied.  My signature isn't on that document either.  But that's what he wrote.  So the crna is a LIAR!  The problem didn't start with ME, it started with a lying lawbreaking crna who used a control drug to have his way with me.

So if anybody is mad at ME, for revealing what happened to me in regards to Versed, maybe you should think about where this all started.  It started with an arrogant scoff law of a crna.  If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't know what Versed was.


  1. I was so glad to stumble upon this, this morning. PLEASE keep telling people to advocate for themselves. As I say, "Advocate or abdicate". Either you insist on which decisions are right for you, or you abdicate all control over your health decisions and your body to someone else.

    I had my first colonoscopy four years ago, with Versed. I had tried to refuse Scopalamine when I had a neck fusion but stupidly was talked into it; that was about eight years ago. After two doses of these drugs, I started noticing memory issues. My employees were getting disillusioned and upset with me because I kept dropping the ball and forgetting things I was supposed to do.

    So this time, in preparation for my second colonoscopy, I did my homework and refused sedation. I went to my primary physician first, told her that I was adamant and not in the least ambivalent about not having sedation. She referred me to a doctor who turned out to be a marvelous care-giver. She listened to me and agreed to do the procedure without sedation. I was hooked up to an IV, with nothing dripping in, but with just pain-killer available, which would not be administered unless I gave the word. I managed to get through the procedure, made more painful due to two past C-sections and the scarring that results, with some hyperventilation and extreme hand-holding with my nurse. But today I feel just great! No lingering effects, and a feeling of TRIUMPH and EMPOWERMENT, knowing that I can advocate for my own health care.

    KEEP GETTING THE WORD OUT!!!! I'm 59 and sure don't need any help getting to memory loss and Alzheimer's.

  2. Thanks so much for telling your story. It helps ME personally to know that I have been of service, and it reinforces the other readers. We CAN just say NO!

  3. The next guy who does this to me will die or I'll have broke every finger on both his hands.