Friday, December 13, 2013

Excerpt From Time Magazine "Secrets of Genius

I bought a Time Magazine special a while back entitled "Secrets of Genius".  While most of us here are not that kind of genius, myself included, I found a little blurb about memory, genius and PTSD that I want to share.  A lot of us are curious about why Versed affected us in such a horrible way...

"But one thing all the prodigies did have was a superior working memory-that is, the ability to actively hold more material in mind at one time....But while excellent working memory may seem like an unqualified gift; research suggests it may also increase the risk for post-traumatic stress disorder."  If you can get the magazine, do.  There is a lot of interesting information in it that can be used to decipher what happened in our heads because of Versed.

So what does Versed target?  It targets "the ability to actively hold more material in the mind."  It interferes with the pathways creating memory.  My opinion is that bright people have more of these pathways which may or may not be affected by Versed.  Hence my own memory working well, regardless of the pathway(s) that Versed affected.  I remember every detail of the horror.  I remember every nasty word that the minions spoke.  I remember the shock of realizing that my "team" had broken every informed consent law on the books.  I remember the craven obedience, all of it.  I remember trying to move and being completely uncoordinated. I remember trying mightily to make my lips speak English, not gibberish.  I remember how my brain USED TO WORK!

Maybe I don't have the specific kind of genius that Einstein or Steve Jobs or Richard Feynman etc. possessed, but I do have an ordinary bright mind.  Versed was the very last drug I should have been given.  Judging by the alarming number of bright analytical minds other than my own that have been affected by Versed, it's time to stop damaging the brains of smart people and giving them PTSD.

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