Monday, December 9, 2013

Just Say "NO" To Tort Reform!

I'm so sick of people saying that medmal insurance is the primary driver of health care costs.  This is such a LIE and yet it has been repeated enough that many people believe it.  Malpractice insurance IS NOT the primary cost related to health care.  Doctors want you to believe this lie and feel sorry for them.  I don't, not even a little bit. You know what happens in tort reform states?  You get poor care at enormous cost.  You didn't think that a savings on malpractice insurance would translate into lower costs for patients did you?  The added benefit for health care workers is they don't have to worry about any careless oops moments either.

You know what else happens in tort reform states?  Your medical minions can COMPLETELY ignore "informed consent" laws.  Why should they follow them?  There is no punishment for NOT following the law.    Who do you think is going to be responsible for making sure that the law is followed?  The hospital itself?  rofl.  They want no parameters on what they can do to patients.  That's what they get with "tort reform".  There's a LOT of money to be made from doing way more than the patient needs, requires or gives permission for.  The doctors, the nasty little anesthesia nurses etc. do not want patients to be able to do anything about how they were treated.  They want carte blanche.  Who wouldn't?  This then is what is driving the "tort reform" discussions.

Lawyers and lawsuits are the ONLY THING keeping a lot of  medical care takers on the straight and narrow.  Without the malpractice lawyers, (some, many?) medical people have no compunction about harming you.  What do they care?  They don't know you from Adam.  So you die, so what?  They get paid anyway.  Disfigured?  Who cares.  Had foreseeable complications that weren't explained as required by law?  Too bad.  Got sedated and/or general anesthetic against your will, in defiance of the law?  Hey, they were only trying to "help", now pay up or they will take your assets.  The law is on their side on this and don't think they won't come after you to the fullest extent of the law.  They just don't want YOU the patient to use the law to have recourse against THEM.  Got crappy surgery performed by the janitor,or whomever they pleased other than the person YOU chose/gave permission to do it, also in defiance of the law?  Who you gonna call?  The cops?  What are they going to do?  There IS nobody else besides lawyers to help us.

There is too much money to be had in the medical field without lawyers keeping these people in check.  Just think...if you are like me and demand minimum intervention, no sedation, no g/a etc. well, DAMN that just doesn't pay enough.  They can make 3 or 4 times the money for the same amount of time.  With tort reform they can do this with impunity.  What would YOU choose?  Be honest.  You would choose to subject the patient to the most expense possible for the time allotted.  Well, medical people are not that different than you and me.  They are maybe a little MORE greedy if anything.  They feel entitled to make your stay as costly as possible, because they have some expensive education.  So you as a patient OWE IT TO THEM to allow them to make as much profit as humanly possible, or something like that.  Only the threat of lawsuits can stop the medical behemoth from giving you substandard care at bank busting prices.

I mostly dislike crna's.  I read on a crna site about how to charge the most money possible.  If they do a nerve block, they can do it at a certain time, and can then charge extra for it.  So they have members explaining to the other crna's how to bill the procedure and the TIMING so they get extra money for doing their job.  Where are the laws about price gouging in medical care?  This is the kind of thing driving health care costs, not torts.   It's about MONEY!  It's all about maximizing profit for themselves and to hell with the patient.  It's not about lowering cost OR getting better care.

Don't let them fool you.  Tort reform isn't the panacea that medical people want you to think it is.  Tort reform leads to a medical free-for-all.  The only loser is the patient, once again.

This is my own opinion, yours may vary.  I'm entitled to my OPINION based on what happened to me in a tort reform state.  The utter and gleeful lawlessness by the medical people charged with my "care" had to be experienced to be believed.  My experience will be coming to you too with tort reform.  How will you feel when bad things happen to you or your loved one?  You will be wishing you could call somebody who could help.

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