Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dentist Office Nearly Kills 3 Year Old

I cam across this story today.  Click here: Lawsuit filed over dental procedure that left child brain dead | More Local News - KITV Home

I have looked and looked, but nowhere are the "sedation" drugs mentioned by name.  They do name an anesthetic drug called Demerol in one story.  Demerol is an alleged "pain killer", not a sedative, but my own experience with it was that it left the pain alone but caused me to disassociate and be unable to properly communicate.  It is one of only 2 drugs that I specifically DECLINE!  The other being Versed of course.

Nowhere in any article that *I* can find is there any mention of an anesthesia person being involved.  Was the dentist solely responsible for the three "sedatives" being administered?  Are office staff in the form of dental assistants allowed to give Demerol?  Or any of the other unnamed "sedatives"?  Did they have a crna?  Why did the staff have to run down the hall to a pediatricians office to get help?   If they used Versed, where was the Flumazenil?  Where was the airway management team?  Or have medical minions become so sanguine about the use of the poison Versed that they grew careless with its use?  Why is there no mention of Versed, which I can make an educated guess was used?

My guess is, that to protect Versed and all its pushers, nothing is to be mentioned that could possibly get people/patients thinking about the dangers, efficacy and safety of medical minions favorite "screw you" drug.

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