Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The INSANITY Of Obamacare

I was at the dentist's office last night.  He had an announcement for me.  He is now forced to purchase DENTAL insurance for his children.  How's that for government absurdity?  The one size fits all has consequences.  My DENTIST has to buy dental insurance for his own children.  It's not really funny, but I can't help but laugh.

This is the same dentist who told me that fillings should cost around 25 bucks each.  They don't, they cost much more.  There are so many government mandates and taxes, fees etc. that in order to do the $25 filling he has to charge enough to cover the ridiculous cost of the government intervention.  Now we can add more cost...that of buying dental insurance for the children of the dentist.  I wonder if he can get a subsidy?

I hope he chooses a dental plan which includes him as a provider.  How does that work?  Does he have to pay to be a provider on a group plan?  Then he has to pay an insurance premium to be insured through the same insurance company that he (maybe) has to pay to be a provider?  I'll have to ask him.  Does he have to prove that he paid his himself?  Is he going to have to pay a fine to the government for not having dental insurance on his own children, if he decides he really doesn't need dental insurance on his own children (of a dentist)?  Mind boggling.

I wonder if he has to purchase dental insurance for his office workers who get their dental care from him for free?  It's just so bizarre as to be unbelievable.  It would be unbelievable except that our out-of-control government is telling us so many unbelievable things right now that the truly bizarre is becoming normal.

Only the government could come up with something so ludicrous that it defies logic.  Just think of all the new rules and regulations, backed up by ever more over-paid government minions to correct (or ominously ENFORCE) this defect in the law.

This is just one small part of the outrage and expense of Obamacare.  Had enough yet?

BTW the optometrist is now taking your blood pressure and REQUIRING to know what medical problems, drugs you are taking etc.  To have a vision test.  They took my teenager into a back room at the optometrists and demanded to know if she smokes and promised not to tell.  You aren't even safe from government snooping in the EYE GLASSES Dept. of Walmart.  Your CHILDREN aren't safe from medical prying, regardless of the wishes of the parents.  What the bloody HELL!!!???

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