Thursday, December 12, 2013

CRNA Rapist Gets Life Plus 25 Years

I looked on line to see what kind of sentence Paul Patrick Serdula the crna rapist/child molester got for his crimes.  I'm happy to report that he got life plus 25 years in prison and if he is ever released, he will be on probation for the rest of his life.  That's great.

I want to point out that Mr. Serdula the crna was well thought of in his circles and was very busy.  (sick pun)  His co-workers and others describe him as a nice person, hard working, generous, gentle and kind.  Well, Mr. Serdula got away with being a rapist for a very long time.  What did people expect?  If he was an aggressive bastard, he wouldn't have gotten away with his dastardly deeds for a decade would he?  Of course everybody was just so shocked...really?  This guy did these heinous acts right under their noses and they didn't get even a glimmer of what he was up to?  I'm amazed, sort of.

In my experience crna's will defend one of their brethren no matter what they may do.  I see it in their snide comments all over the web.  I see it in their hate filled diatribes here on this blog.  Maybe his co-workers KNEW what Mr. Serdula was up to and chose not to say anything, to protect their own misadventures with Versed?  After all, if the patient is sedated with Versed "what difference could it possibly make" if he was raping and molesting patients?  The women and girls will never know, right?  I mean if it's OK to torture patients and coax them into revealing their secrets for the entertainment of staff, then why would rape be any different?

These people rape us anyway according to the definition of rape.  The whole "consent" to foreign objects being placed into the vagina thing, unauthorized pelvic exams on anesthetized women, unauthorized prostrate exams on anesthetized men etc.  They already don't care about CONSENT so why should they object to the actual rape of  "sedated" patients?

Rape vs. consensual sex is all about CONSENT by definition!  Patients don't consent to this or that and medical people proceed anyway with impunity, why draw the line at all?  My crna says that I "consented" to general anesthetic by "not objecting" to it after he gave me Versed.  I didn't "consent" to Versed either, in fact I was absolutely and categorically ADAMANT about NOT getting anything like Versed.  You know how far that got me.

So maybe these women and girls "consented" to sex with Mr. Serdula by "not objecting" after he injected them with Versed?   Maybe they just don't remember giving consent because of the amnesia properties of Versed.  Or maybe they just "imagined" the rape due to the (alleged) Versed hallucinations? ( I had to add this in later...One crna actually wrote that the victim of a Versed rape, was actually mistaking a "flesh toned LMA tube" for a penis.  Can you believe it?)   Maybe Mr. Sedula used the "obedience" factor of Versed to induce them to agree?  (heavy sarcasm)  The line is blurred by medical workers vis a vis Versed.

I can see how Mr. Serdula operated without detection (or at least without his co-workers turning him in) for so long, thanks to Versed/Midazolam.  I wonder if any of my detractors will come here and defend Mr. Serdula and his misuse of Versed.  Or will they say it all with their (continued) silence about this kind of crime?

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