Friday, December 20, 2013

Reno Man Kills Doctor Over Botched Surgery

There are some articles online about a Reno man who walked into a doctors office and started shooting.  He claims his surgery was botched.  Some articles reference his "vasectomy" as a problem.  Well, I'd sure like to see his "informed consent" for the surgery!  Did it detail all of the problems with the surgery?  Lots of men experience pain and some other very serious side effects from this surgery, like CANCER, ALLERGIES TO HIS OWN SPERM, A SPECIFIC MENTAL DISORDER.  Look it up!  You may have to look hard to find the real side effects from vasectomies.

Anyway, I also wonder if this man also got some Versed?  If he got PTSD from his Versed injection and then went on to experience some other severe side effects from the surgery itself, I can see him going postal. The guy lasted 3 years or so before he went berserk...more than enough time to come to the conclusion that he had been duped, drugged and damaged by the medical profession.

It all comes down to INFORMED consent.  That and banning Versed.

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