Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Post From 2008

4 years ago this person, not me by the way, posted this plaintive missive.  How many of us have suffered the same kind of thing caused by this absolute brain poison called Versed?  Yet, it's still used like this poster describes.  Of note, this person didn't give permission for Versed, just like lots of us, including me.  They also received enormous amounts of it.  To what purpose was this patient given this much Versed in such a short time-frame?  This kind of abuse needs to stop.  Versed is a very bad drug with lots of "forever" side effect, or effects, depending on your point of view. 

Here's the link;  Midazolam - Versed? Can it have permanent side effects?

Here's the post;  "Dosage: 11-12 mg of Midazolam over about a 10 minute time frame through an IV line for a medical procedure. 2mg each 1-3 mintues until sleeping. (Sleeping confirmed by the doctor) I also remember not being able to stay awake anymore and could not fight the urge to sleep. My legs felt really heavy when I mentally or physically woke 40 min later like being drunk.

My question is can this be a permanent mental side effect...
Difficulty analyzing things or understanding. Just certain things, not noticed until I stumble on them. Some things that should be normal just doesn't process as well anymore, things that I have discussed with people easily before receiving Midazolam. It was super easy to think and analyze on all subjects but now some are very difficult. It is affecting my ability to work/business.

Even after I understand the subject it is still difficult to understand it when think about it. Some really simple thoughts are very difficult. The part that is difficult is when I need to come up with new creative options on subjects.

Example that happened the other day... A store is generating 3 times the business in almost the same location but new building, what are the possible reasons. This is where my mind goes kind of blank and it never used to before the drug. Analyzing things like this. It's very confusing to me right now. And I know all the answers to this question. How can something be confusing when I already know why? I had to compare other stores from the company in size and location, get customer feedback for the new and old store location. If you ask and I have to pull it out of my head it's confusing right now even though I just said it. Processing that though of understanding it is hard. It took me 15 minutes to come up with these answers and before it would only take 1 second before the drug. I am not currently on any other mental medication. I haven't suffered from anxiety before. I don't believe this is anxiety now but I was also drugged against my will, so that it self can be pretty disturbing.

It was over a month already. First I thought the drug didn't wear off yet, then maybe not enough sleep, then maybe I wasn't eating enough. Now I'm wondering if it could be a permanent side effect? My job is to analyze things because that used to come so naturally for me. It's not so easy anymore.

From what my chart said my oxygen levels were normal through the whole procedure. My blood pressure did drop near or more -20 points both top and bottom numbers. The drug put me mentally out or physically to sleep for about 40 minutes.

Could the drug still be wearing off after 40 something days? If I see a doctor about side effects what kind would I see? Neuro, Phsyc, ect...?"

Why is the medical profession doing this to us?  I am faced with hysterical and supposedly "educated" people who inject this drug into trusting people, denying that any of this stuff outlined above can happen.  Apparently we patients are all just mental deviants waiting for an opportunity to blame all of our woes on this one particular drug, Versed.  So why are WE doing this?   What might that nefarious reason be, to single out Versed? 

 Medical workers deny everything because they already know that Versed causes brain damage, and the drug pushers want us to be brain damaged for the period of time that we are in their care.  They don't give a good God Damn if it causes permanent harm.  WE are not the ones with a mental defect that prevents us from properly identifying the culprit.  Medical workers are the ones with the problem!  In the face of all these complaints about Versed and/or the proper consenting of patients to use this drug,  medical workers are continuing to use it, making up excuses and becoming IRATE at the merest suggestion that this drug is bad.  How many more of these complaints does the medical profession NEED in order to stop causing harm?

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