Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sign The Petition

There is a petition going around about patients having free access to their medical records, whether or not the doctors think we can handle what's in them.  We pay for our health care, including what the medical (ahem) professionals write in our charts with sky high insurance premiums or price gouging medical bills.  It's our chart and we should see it.  If nothing else but to correct the blatherings of whatever "professional" has written stupid or degrading things in it. 

There are laws which say that we are allowed complete and total access to our medical records, and we are allowed to add rebuttals to the charting, but so far it seems that the only people who have complete and total access are drug reps. and insurance companies.  We need to "take back" our health care and this petition is a good start.

Here's the petition link; - Endorsements

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