Sunday, May 13, 2012

Not To Brag ...

I have become an IQ snob since my brain was vandalized by a cretin with a syringe full of Versed.  I said NO but this mental midget crna went right on ahead anyway, because he thought my brain was expendable and that he has infinite wisdom.  You medical people should know by now that IQ is an inherited trait.  Inherited from the mother according to those pesky scientific studies that I like so well.  My biological daughter, a 13 year old freshman at a prep school got a President's Award!  She's a straight A student, that's a 4.0 grade average for you medical people.  News flash!  She will never receive Versed for any reason.  She doesn't need her MENSA qualified brain tampered with by the likes of the medical people who come here to (try to) disparage my intelligence! 

I would trust my 13 year old daughter to give me anesthesia with a couple of WEEKS of job training before I would trust one of these arrogant little anesthesia nurses who think they are just the smartest people on earth!  I wouldn't brag like this, but I'm sick and tired of having medical people pretend that they have a brain that is anywhere near what mine is!  I deeply resent the brain damage that was deliberately done to me by a moron in a smock with a little name tag.  Medical people there are very few of you who can compete with me in the IQ department.  (even now)  Quit acting like you can.  Stop VANDALIZING every ones brain!  A little respect for your betters in the intelligence department is in order.  Actually a little respect for ANYBODIES brain is in order.  Most of us like the way our brains, memories and emotions work and we don't need this messed with for the convenience of some anesthesia providing hireling.

For those who may be reading this that are in the anesthesia business and actually have half a brain I apologise.  I KNOW that you are not using Versed indiscriminately.  I'm sorry that your co workers are not as bright as you are, and it is those people who can't seem to do their job without poisoning their patients that I'm speaking of here.

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