Sunday, May 13, 2012

This is a Good Post!

I found this one on Colonoscopy Sedation Without Versed : Hospital Soup Hospital Ratings & Reviews Medical Jobs Free Health Care Information  This site has hundreds of people commenting!  It's amazing how much damage is being done to patients with Versed!  How can medical people tell us, with a straight face, that Versed is a wonder drug?  That nobody has never ever had a problem with it.  Except for the part where medical people try to blame the PATIENT for the reaction to Versed...  It would not have affected us that way, if we were NORMAL.  So which is it?  Is it a good drug with zero side effects?  Or is it a drug with significant side effects which can be dismissed because the patient is some kind of sub standard humanoid?  Anyway, here is the post I like so well.  There are many more...

Colonoscopy Sedation Without Versed pharm says: "It’s great that medical practitioners comment on this forum; but one thing strikes me (as a scientist and as a clinician): a significant number of patients have a traumatic experience with Versed (midazolam)..this is evident by the comments here and by the thousand or so midazolam horror stories on askapatient. If patients weren’t having awful experiences with Versed, then why would they bother to share their stories? Obviously, something is wrong with this drug and with the way that it’s given so casually; usually without any mention of it’s amnestic qualities….this isn’t informed consent, it’s patient abuse. Any patient receivng Versed should be told in clear language: “this drug is being given to make you forget” not “Versed is going to make you relaxed and comfy”. Anesthesia providers need to step up and obtain informed consent (telling the patient the truth); anesthesia is supposed to be the practice of medicine not nursing and it’s a physician’s responsibility to inform the patient of why they are actually getting a particular drug. There is a serious problem with the way Versed is being used today; I never had an opinion on this matter until a number of patients complained about the lingering amnesia after receiving Versed; and they were never told of the drug’s amnestic effects. I just spoke with a tearful patient who received Versed/fentanyl for a colonoscopy that I had recommended……she seems to have developed PTSD-like symptoms and significant memory impairment 2 full weeks after receiving the drug (bad enough to cause her to miss work). There is little question that her symptoms started immediately after receiving Versed. The GI doctor only says: “you signed a blanket consent for sedation”. Did I mention that this patient is a physician? When reminded that Versed is given for it’s amnestic effects and when informed that a significant number of patients report adverse effects from receiving this drug, NONE of my physician friends would agree to personally receiving this drug. NONE."

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