Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Health Care Bubble

I have mentioned several times on this blog that health care is going to be the next bubble that bursts.  We just don't need 18+ people doing those "minor variations of the same job" that I have previously spoken of.  We don't need crna's for minor sedation, as if there's anything minor about the nasty sedation!  (More about that in a minute.)  We don't need crna's with there astronomical salaries along with the REAL anesthesiologists.  Why can't one person do a job any more?  It's not like we save one single penny having all these uppity mid level people!  We sure as Hell don't need a surgeon and a PA's salary to pay, now do we?  What do all those nurses do in the OR?  Do they not hand the surgeon instruments etc?  So what the Hell is a PA doing in there?  Needless expense.  We don't need all those people it's a waste of money.

Sedation costs a fortune.  It's unnecessary, needless and completely superfluous.  Nobody (almost) needs any such thing.  It's a con game by medical professionals and treatment centers to maximise profit, and make the employees jobs easier.  There is absolutely no excuse for spending billions of dollars a year on sedation and all the accompanying expense.  None.  If you are reading this and want your brain fried and your IQ taken down 50 points with sedation, then you can pay for it out of your own pocket just like you do at the dentist.  Why should *I* subsidize something as ridiculous as Versed?  IT'S A WASTE OF HEALTH CARE MONEY!  (Plus this poison is actually HARMFUL!)

Now then, you know how *I* feel about the situation, here's a doctor who feels the same way.  The health care bubble that we all need in order to bring this so-called health care back in line with the rest of us mortals should burst as soon as possible.  Don't these people get it?  Nobody can afford them any more.  Not even the federal government can afford the absurd cost of medicine.  Do you think that there will be no end to the money that it costs for routine maintenance of the human body?  Think again!

Here's the article, once again snagged from Dr Kevin's blog;  Our medical-industrial system is long overdue for a real shakeup  Surprise surprise, it's not just us "tin-foil hat" people that recognise the reality of the situation.

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