Sunday, May 13, 2012

eHow on Colonoscopy

I found this to be an interesting article.  What Are the Dangers of Colonoscopy? |  Most of the people *I* know had a problem with Versed for a colonoscopy.  This simple screening procedure is leaving a trail of broken humans in its wake.  The docs just LOVE to shoot up innocent, trusting patients with this drug, without informed consent as to Versed's purpose and it's serious side effects.  This article also talks about the physical problems with colonoscopies, up to and including death.  It's worth reading, especially for those of us who have had a problem, not only with Versed, but with willfully obtuse medical people who refuse to see the truth about Versed even when it becomes patently obvious.  This drug is bad. 

Here are some quotes from the article;

"...over-zealous practitioners may fail to communicate the potential dangers of the procedure to a patient at any time prior to the procedure and certainly inadequately beforehand for the patient to make a fully informed decision on whether or not those risks are acceptable."  (This is certainly true for their "consent" for an amnesia and patient control drug like Versed!)

"Identified dangers of the colonoscopy procedure itself include reactions to the sedatives and-or narcotics administered potentially leading to adverse respiratory and-or cardiac events, gastrointestinal perforation, rupture of the spleen, acute anemia, hemorrhaging, stroke, and gastrointestinal burn."  (Uhuh, you read that right!  "reactions to the SEDATIVES" potentially lead to these other adverse events!)

"Additionally, one of the medications given, Versed, is given to induce amnesia of the procedure itself in the patient. Some patients have reported resultant memory problems for months and even years after a colonoscopy procedure. Some patients have also reported anxiety and mood issues after taking Versed."  (The best part of this article is that it gives weight to what we patients already know;  Versed is a horrible drug with severe and long lasting side effects.)

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