Thursday, April 5, 2012

You've Got To Read These Comments!

Here is the link; As you read through the comments look at the ANIMOSITY shown by the crna's! It isn't just the patients that these nurses have disdain for! I love it! Even the president of the AANA shows up to badmouth doctors! (and anybody else who objects to these so-called advance practice anesthesia nurses.)

I also was very interested in the "nerve block" comments. No wonder my nerve block wasn't successful! (According to the moron nurse who administered it!) He wasn't properly trained for this according to some comments. I would NEVER have allowed a nurse to try this kind of thing with me. He even tried to scare me with how "dangerous" this kind of block was! Of course it was dangerous with an unskilled crna at the helm. The only reason I accepted the risk was because 1) I had REFUSED general anesthetic and debilitating drugs and 2) He presented himself as a doctor. I wish he had warned me that he was just a damn nurse before subjecting me to all this unnecessary risk.

I also want to point out once again how crna's are using the law in a novel way. They claim that "supervision" is just so that medicare can be BILLED! They claim that supervision is non existent and that they all PRETEND that this law has been followed so that they can BILL the government. Why aren't they being sued by the government for deliberate FRAUD? I can't believe that they would actually say this, in writing. They are defrauding the taxpayers by falsely claiming supervision that never happened, nor even existed in theory. That's fraud in anybodies book. The law isn't supposed to be simply a billing tactic. Wow!

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