Saturday, April 21, 2012

Obamacare, Nursing, Education

I found this post on this site; Nurse Jane is educated AND smart. I wish I could clone her. Anyway, here is her post.

I am so Glad to See This! I am a former Shock Trauma Surgical ER RN Level 1! And with Obama Care There would be NO Shock Trauma Nurses or Doctors! Trauma Care is very specific and Saves Lives that would have normally not be saved! Sadly where we live - the 2 hospitals have nearly fully implemented Obama Care - And We have seen the Results!

Dan loved his family and Harley Davidson! He got hit by a truck going through a red light. It badly messed up 4 Vertebrates in his back. He had a fission that lasted for 3 hours of 4 vertebrates. Then he was discharged 3 hours after surgery in a hospital wheelchair on the Bus! With Narco 5 for his pain. Dan died and was in Incredible Pain when DIED 3 days later. His wife and children are without him!

Then a Dear Friend of mine, Michelle. She lived down the street from our house. She has since moved to another part of the city - not too far from us and still stays in close touch. She had a Bi-Lateral Mastectomy at the 2nd hospital. She was in surgery for 2 hours, then sent home after 3 Hours later! She was told she could take a Regular Shower the next day. She did. Then she came over to my house in a panic! Her bandages (of course) were all messed up. So she asked if I could put new bandages on her. Thank God I had them. But I did see that she now had Step! A Deadly Infection. Well I told her and that we had to call her doctor immediately. We did. We both spoke to her doctor, and I was able to convince the doctor to see her ASAP! He told me with me just being a nurse, I was probably wrong on the strep. It turned out I was right on Target. We went to the Doctor's office, he saw her and looked at me, "My God - she does have strep!" She was rushed to the hospital by ambulance where she nearly died for the next 4 days. She remain for a total of 9 Days, then went home and is healthy today. She blames me - Ha Ha!

Then we had a friend named Greg. He had very bad knees as the result of a car accident several years ago. He was looking forward to going in the hospital and getting his knees fixed. He had some problems with the anesthesia. His heartbeat became extremely irregular and iractic. The ICU which would have most likely saved his life was Full! So they sent him to the ER where he was put in a room. No one went to check for over an hour. When they did they found Greg DEAD! That is a case of Clear Medical Mal-Practice!

That is a 63% Failure Rate. Now any Hospital, or Medical Clinic with anything less than 70%, Would normally be closed! But not under Obama Care. OH, And Bill Clinton was our Governor for 3 Terms. And of course Hillary want to put her ideas in with Medical Care! And sadly she did.

Now, my education includes a Associate, a double BAS, and a Master's and a PhD. UCLA and Stanford. That was to get my certifications in Surgery in ER, and Shock Trauma! These doctors here went to school for 8 years TOTAL! Normally a doctor is required to have 12 years. Then 4-8 additional years for their specialty. A nurse I spoke with, who was Michelle's Charge RN! Michelle wanted me to look at her records in the hospital. So I went over and did. Her RN said she would have to stay with while I was reading it. As I read it, she questioned me, "You Understand all of that????" I said, "Of course I do, I'm an RN!" I asked her how long she had been in school to become an RN. She told me she had a 2 year certification with no degree. And that she only finished 8th grad. NO College! That's good enough for a CNA but NOT an RN! That takes a Master's Degree at the Minimum! Education Make the difference between life and Death. And its very Clear here.

So these are the reason's I do not approved of Obama Care!

Peace Be Unto You all and God Bless! Jane."

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