Friday, April 20, 2012

They Are FINALLY Getting It!

Mostly the medical profession seems to care about nothing but money.  That's why complaining about the bizarre and long lasting side effects from their nasty little drug Versed/Midazolam does nothing but incite hatred from medical minions.  I have offered up the opinion many times that one of the main reasons for the "sedation for everybody" mindset is the money to be made by "sedating" everyone!  Here is an article from a reputable news source that looks into this. 

Study: Colonoscopies often come with costly, unnecessary sedation - HealthPop - CBS News

In this study they have uncovered almost a BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR in costs for unnecessary "sedation."  It's probably a lot more than this if you can get through the "hidden" costs, like nursing "tiers" of care, extra time in recovery, the expense of perforations, etc.  If anybody wants "sedation" then let them request it and pay for it separately, like at the dentist.

Quote from article linked above;

"These services are not harming patients. They're basically giving them a luxury that is not strictly necessary," said study author, Dr. Soeren Mattke, a senior Rand Corp. scientist. That matters because policymakers are trying to rein in rising medical costs, the authors said."

"These services are not harming patients."(?)  Oh really?  What about all the perforations?  What about all the people complaining about PTSD as a direct result of their sedation?  "They're basically giving them a LUXURY that is not strictly necessary."  "Giving" (No, these people are charging a fortune for sedation, they are not "giving" anybody anything!)  "A LUXURY?"  I don't consider being attacked with brain poison and forced into compliance a "luxury."  How luxurious was it for me to have to see a counselor for years?  I didn't want a LUXURIOUS experience in the first place, I wanted a "no frills" experience...  Since when can medical people unilaterally decide to FORCE people into an unnecessary "luxury?" These services are most definitely "harming patients."  These services are harming patients physically, emotionally and financially.  It's about time somebody tried to put the brakes on medical spending by cutting out THIS almost billion dollar a year "luxury."  I've been writing about this for years and FINALLY somebody is looking into it!

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