Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Dr. Confirms My Objection!

I was reading this morning and I came across this little blurb from here;  Anesthesiology: versed induced amnesia, colonscopy, important decisions  While I dislike this doctor because of his pro Versed stance, every once in a while he says something which I agree with!  Here is the quote

"As for being asked about more meds, while you are not cognitive enough to consent for surgery, etc, you are still awake enough to know if you are in pain or discomfort and can answer that question (if you don't answer, then you are sleepy enough and they won't give you more).The anesthesiologist should have told you about the amnesia but now you know for the future."

" are not cognitive enough to consent for surgery..."  (after Versed)  Anybody who has read my blog knows that my crna Aaron claimed that I gave consent for g/a AFTER being injected with Versed.  He actually claimed that, in writing, to the Nursing Board, in response to my complaint.  BUT (big but!) he omitted any reference to giving me Versed!  He also claims that I approved of the use of g/a in the negative, ie after he knocked me on my a$$ with plenty of Versed, I didn't object.  Actually I couldn't object.  I remember it!  So how did this happen?  Why did the nursing board "not object" to such a devious plot to obliterate patient rights law?  Under no circumstances did I give permission to this man (fake doctor, lying, sneaky little nurse) for general anesthetic, nor did I give permission for any sedation and absolutely NOT an amnesia drug.  I said the exact opposite!  Good Lord, what part of NO did this man fail to understand?  The second part "The anesthesiologist should have told you about the amnesia..."  I agree with this one too!  However I want to point out the almost universal omission of this particular little item.  It is shocking to me that this doctor is brushing aside our concerns by saying "...but now you know for the future."  What a crock!

Here's another quote, which I agree with, but in practice is nearly impossible;

"If you are dead set against having amnesia, just tell future anesthesiologists your wishes and they should comply with them."
Like that will happen!  Not without world war three!

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