Sunday, April 22, 2012

Midazolam/Versed Shortage

I found a discussion about what to use instead of Versed on this site;  Drug Shortages | Anesthesiology | Student Doctor Network  There are a few notable quotes in here that I want to share;  Here's one;  "I have found versed to be hugely overused and overrated by virtue of drug shortages."  This from member 240830,  AA-C.  Another one;  "no words on midazolam shortage but I hardly use it.."  From member 184803.   Quote from member 225281, California Dreamin, "Just don't use versed. I don't use it unless I'm doing a block or a mac case."  (I wish this person didn't use it then either.  I had a block and I sure as Hell didn't need Versed for it!  Tim over at got Versed for his MAC and he didn't need it for his procedure either.)  There are more negative comments about Versed and some suggestions for other drugs to use at the site linked at top of page.  Next time you go to the medical treatment center and some snotty little anesthesia provider derisively asks you what he/she should use instead of Versed, you can knock 'em dead with your answer!

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