Saturday, April 21, 2012

Who Is More Dangerous?

Who is more dangerous, a long haul truck driver who is a serial killer or a medical provider who is a serial killer? I ask this because it has come to my attention that (allegedly) perverts and killers are choosing long haul trucking in order to facilitate their life of crime.

Starting with the truckers... Do you trust these people absolutely? Even though there are laws which pertain to random drug testing for truck drivers, do you believe that they are drug free? Would you let that truck driver give you drugs? Would you confidently get into a big rig with a stranger? Would you willingly get naked with a perfect stranger who happens to drive a long haul truck? Truck drivers have to document where they are and the times they are there, by law. It's called a log book and it is filled out in 15 minute intervals, at least once every 4 hours, and mileage must be tracked. Failure to do so is a MISDEMEANOR!Feeling safer yet? A lot of these trucks are carrying satellite transponders which track the vehicle at all times. Does that matter? These trucks are pulled into government run truck inspection and weigh scales at any time. Right there with the highway patrol and occasionally the IRS... These trucks must also often go into well lit truck stops teeming with people to get diesel, food, showers etc. Feel safe yet? If the truck driver is hauling any kind of regulated substance they must obtain an FBI background check every 2 years. Does that help? Lastly, just how many people use hitching a ride with a long haul trucker to get from point A to point B? Not many I would imagine. Let's turn to medical people.

There is no mandatory drug testing for medical people required by law, as a routine condition of employment that I am aware of. No random drug screens at work. Despite the fact that medical people have access to pure, undiluted drugs all day, every working day. There are articles which state that drug addiction is a common problem with health care workers. Why aren't they held to the same standard as a truck driver? Does this make us safe? These medical workers shoot us up with unidentified substances, one of which, Versed, is used to create amnesia while leaving the victim awake and very, very obedient. Why is this fine? Are medical people a different species from truck drivers or are they the same human beings with a different job?

Why are we confident going into an enclosed area with strangers just because they wear a name tag and a smock? Why do we feel that we must comply with getting COMPLETELY NAKED and vulnerable in a medical setting? Sometimes it may be necessary, but come on, we don't all need to be in the nude...

As far as I know, there are no requirements for an FBI background check for medical people either. So any medical person with access to potentially deadly drugs and unfettered access to vulnerable patients has no mechanism in place to weed out the bad guys. Feeling safe yet? Just how much oversight do medical people have? Not much apparently. Crna's claim that "oversight" is only something to put down in the medical records with no basis in fact. There is no requirement to document the what, where and when of their day. There are only hospital records which are absolutely forged, just like truck drivers can forge their log book, except there are no fines, fees or misdemeanor charges involved with medical workers. They are not tracked in 15 minute intervals and inputted every 4 hours either. I'll bet hospital workers would have a cow if they had something like a transponder which tracked their movements during the day... These medical workers are not being watched like a truck driver, who has no access to myriad potent drugs and compliant patients. Does this make you feel safe? How many times are medical people subjected to random searches by law enforcement? Never? If a serial killer is loose in a hospital, there is a very good chance of getting away with it, which is far different for a truck driver. Medical people can kill people with impunity and fob off responsibility... Destroy the evidence. Claim equipment malfunction, patient illness as the cause of death, claim adverse reaction to drugs, there is a long list of ways to hide medical murder.

How is a truck driver to claim that he/she accidentally killed the victim? The bodies can't just be sent to the morgue with an excuse. A truck driver isn't completely autonomous like medical people are. The major point is that we don't trust truck drivers like we trust medical people! We should not be so trusting of health care workers. We don't REQUIRE riding in a truck, like we require the services of medicine! How many people have never been in a big rig as opposed to how many people have never been to a hospital? We present ourselves to medical personnel, trust them with our lives, get naked for them, let them shoot us up with unnamed poisons, yet we don't know as much about THEM as we do about the driver of the big rig. These medical workers are not held to the same standards and regulations as the truck driver. Insanity! Why would any sane person assume that some medical people are not choosing medicine in order to facilitate their nefarious career? Or get access to the really good drugs? It's a perfect gig for a serial killer isn't it? Serial killers come in the form of a human being. It's just that human beings that choose medicine have more access to victims and enjoy an inordinate amount of trust in the general population.

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