Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yes I'm Rude!

Every once in a while I feel bad about my visceral hatred of those doctors and especially the nurses who inject Versed. I hope that they are coming here to my blog in the interest of correcting any misconceptions I may have about their go-to drug of choice Versed, instead of simply patient bashing. This is futile and I react badly. However, if you look at the underlying behavior of these kinds of medical workers, the same damn thing is going on that I objected to in the first place! They are insinuating (or flatly stating) that I am stupid, uninformed, uneducated etc. and that if they can only TELL me how wonderful Versed is and it's myriad beneficial uses that I will suddenly bow to their superior selves and have an epiphany about Versed being a good drug.

Years and years of outrageous abusive behavior has been heaped on my head by medical people. Starting with the psycho behavior of my crna when I went in for my ORIF distal radius. What would possess somebody to treat a "pleasant woman in no distress" to a heaping helping of Versed? Especially in light of the fact that I had SPECIFICALLY FORBIDDEN ANY SUCH THING? What monster ego did he have to have in order to justify this type of action? His own excuse afterward was that he "didn't tell me how to drive a truck and *I* couldn't tell him how to do his job!" Really? Informed consent laws state otherwise. Silly me, I expected this mental midget to at least follow the law! Comparing the 2 things is an exercise in futility. I don't deliberately run over people with my truck. He ran right over me with Versed. Deliberately. All because I declined general anesthetic. He knew just how to force me to accept this, to make his life easier and that was to give me a drug, also declined, that turned me into a zombie, called Versed. If I don't like g/a, what mental process did he use to arrive at the conclusion that I would welcome Versed? Can anybody tell me how this makes any sense? I'm supposed to respect the judgement and skills of a man who does this kind of thing? Oh, Hell to the NO!

In my opinion, having experienced this drug Versed up close and personal, it's a VERY BAD DRUG! No ifs ands or buts about it. The use of this poison on me was the epitome of arrogance and felonious behavior on the part of my crna. It has created and caused bad reactions in me and in lots of other patients. The ONLY reason that I was given this drug was for the benefit of my little nursey poo, who imagined that he was a God and my presence at the medical center was solely for his amusement and his bank account. That's right, judging by the laughter I got from him, it was AMUSING to him that I was so angry about it. He was amused to learn that I had recall of all his nasty, disrespectful and hateful remarks after he poisoned me with Versed! No shame here! He exhibited his anti-social behavior for us all to see, as have many more since I began this blog. NOBODY has the right to use this drug on unsuspecting patients, for ANY reason. It's the LAW, regardless of how bad they want to use it to make their jobs easier.

I don't give a damn how much education medical people have, how many years they have on the job, or how much they paid for their schooling. Most really smart people recognise how much they DON'T KNOW!!! Most smart people would be able to extrapolate from the experiences recounted by myriad patients regarding Versed, that there is a problem with this drug! Why do medical people have such a hard time with that concept?


  1. Medical folk come here for entertainment purposes only. We know you have no interest in hearing anything from us, since you have all the answers. We know trying to educate you is futile. We know that there are any others just like you, uneducated about medicine but willing to bash an entire working force for your one bad experience. I am truly sorry that happened to youbut taking it out on the entire medical community is ridiculous.

  2. John, you have it wrong... I don't have all the answers. The problem is NEITHER DO YOU! At least I admit that I don't know everything. You want to pontificate and pretend that you are just ever so erudite, but you are not all that. What "educating" do you want to do? Will all this "education" change one single thing about what happened to me?

    You say I'm uneducated about medicine, but how would you know? Is it more of the psychic reading medical folks claim to do? Do you really think that more education would enable me to view my very poor outcome as anything other than a complete debacle? Really? Would more education make it easier or harder when I look at what happened to me? I think that I would have an even WORSE opinion of medical people if I had known the full extent of the absolute and total ineptness of my team at the time... All the education in the world will not change the facts of my treatment. Versed will still be a bad drug, kidney infections will still be preventable and surgeons can and do perform substandard surgery, no matter how much I know.

    Thank you for saying you are sorry that I was treated like I was by educated people like yourself. However, if my crna was so educated and my team was sufficiently "educated" how did this happen? How did so many things go wrong on one single minor surgery? It wasn't just one person, it was ALL of them. What am I supposed to think about an experience like that?

    If the "entire medical community" hadn't attacked me personally, like you do, I wouldn't be here warning people. There's something about being treated by TERRORISTS who were masquerading as concerned medical people that makes me despise all of you. Just like you all seem to hate me. How else would you explain the animosity from all of you?

    You say that you read my blog for entertainment, but *I* am amused by you guys as well... You can't possibly imagine that what you (plural) think of me makes one bit of difference! I don't worry a lot about what people I have zero respect for think about me. At this point I realize that my team had no respect for me whatsoever and no respect for their job.

    The only thing I can say is that this will never happen to me again. Medical people cannot be trusted. As a group they are careless, lazy, arrogant and their ego gets in the way of proper treatment of patients. I won't be so easy to take advantage of next time... Now that I have been educated.