Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Health Care or Disaster-in-the-making!

We got an Obama administration "Affordable Health Care Act" almost exactly 2 years ago. He promised to bend the cost curve down. What we got instead is a skyrocketing health care cost. Not that health care hasn't consumed more and more of our money prior to this "affordable" care, it's much worse now. Recent estimates include $20,000 per year insurance cost for patients. In this economy, who besides medical workers themselves or government employees can afford this?

Health insurance will cost more than the median income of an American household by 2037 — and that’s the best-case scenario, two doctors contend in a new study. « Investment Watch Blog – 2012

While the above is going on, people like our anesthesia nurses, now paid all out of proportion to their actual worth are wanting MORE money. They feel that they are most definitely worth more than doctors. No matter that health care is bankrupting our entire country.

Here is the end result of the government takeover of our health care. Here; Greece strike: Debt-ridden country starts 24-hour walkout Mail Online Quote from article; 'We want this government out. They deceived us. They promised to tax the rich and help the poor, but they didn't,' said Sotiris Pelekanos, 39, an engineer and one of the striking workers gathered in central Athens. 'I don't care if we go bankrupt. We are already bankrupt. It's just a matter of the state realising it. We've lost everything.' (Sound familiar? Tax the rich, and don't care if the whole country goes bankrupt. How nice. Sounds like what's going on in this country!)

and here; Hospital workers across Edmonton walk out on wildcat strike Quote from article; "They are constantly adding more duties to our work, without an increase in our pay... We're fed up with our conditions, our pay. Cost of living is going up, but my pay is not."

How much DO these people make under their socialized medicine? I'll bet it's nowhere near what our little medical darlings make right now... I know it will surprise everybody that my cost of living has gone up, energy, gas, health care, taxes etc. and my job is stagnating. Not much work AND no raise in years and years. The health care benefits eat up any meager raise I might get while the health care insurance premium goes up and up, with a corresponding downsizing of what the insurance provides. Now that we are to have taxes, fines and fees in addition to the outrageous COST of health care, it gets worse. When I'm working I will get a tax on my "gold plated" health care benefits which, by the way, are anything but! I also will get taxed when I'm not working for being unable to afford $1500 a month or so for the COBRA. Isn't that great?

If these cretins in government WANTED to bend the cost curve down, they would take a long hard look at all this so-called "sedation." Only in America is "sedation" for every single little thing considered "Standard Of Care." The cost of the rooms for extended periods because of sedation, nursing care in its tiered approach, the cost of a crna PLUS the cost of the attending physician who allegedly "supervises" these nurses, and on and on and on. Cut out sedation except for people who are mentally unstable enough to require sedation and BILLIONS would be saved. Then maybe we could avoid the scenarios linked above. There is no way in Hell we can keep going on this trajectory. Ah and we need to cut the salaries for all these crna's and other advanced practice nurses while we are at it. Stop with the "tiers" of care! It's the same damn nurse doing the same damn job as before, why should we pay extra? Cut down on how many people are doing variations of the same job. No excuse for having 18+ different people for a minor 70 minute out patient surgery like I had.

There is all kinds of waste, price gouging and other subterfuge being used to charge more and more money for "health care." This is the REAL reason health care is so expensive, it has nothing to do with tort law or anything else. It has to do with corporate and personal greed and the fact that we patients are a captive audience as all of us need health care from time to time. *I* am FORCED to get medical care every 2 years as a condition of employment. No way around it. I refuse to be a bum and live under a bridge. I also can't afford to get an entry level job at a fast food restaurant or something... Which doesn't offer health care anyway. I'm stuck going to the doctor. No matter how much it costs. Not fair!

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