Monday, March 26, 2012

SHOCKING! Serial Killers and Hospital Workers

I found an article today on Dr. Kevin's blog. Here's the link; Healthcare murders as a patient safety issue I guess I wasn't so far out of line being suspicious after all. On my "warning labels" about NO VERSED, I also have a warning not to take me to the medical center responsible for my ORIF debacle. My thinking has been, that if this place with its anti-social and unskilled minions treated me with contempt the first time and harmed me, how stellar would my care be at this place now that I am firmly on their radar? At the very least they know now that this nice lady can be a trouble making whistle blower so what do you suppose they might do to me? Remember that I was a "pleasant woman in no distress" prior to their ministrations. Now I'm hostile and responsible for lots of unwelcome investigations leading to major changes at the hospital. I have been concerned that they might accidently(?) kill me next time. It would be so easy, wouldn't it?

Here's a quote from the article, taken directly from the link I provided above;

"Since 1975, at least 35 American healthcare workers have been formally charged with serial murder of patients, marking healthcare workers as an overrepresented occupational group among known serial killers.

Some of the worst serial killers of all time have been physicians. Physicians, of course, occupy the uniquely powerful position of enjoying the total trust of patients and their families, easy access to lethal drugs and devices, and the unquestioned authority to sign death certificates.

These authors draw distinctions between healthcare serial murder and euthanasia, assisted suicide, politically motivated assaults, or crimes of passion. Of course, the actual numbers of serial killings are unknown, but more than 1,000 suspicious deaths have been linked to persons charged with HCSM."

I'm just not feeling the love here! My crna almost killed me during a routine outpatient surgery, not to mention COMPLETELY ignored my precise instructions, what would he do to me now? My doctor or whomever he "authorized" to perform my surgery BOTCHED IT! This is while they still pretended they liked me and I had caused them no trouble. The nurses managed to give me a life threatening kidney infection, how much farther would they go now that they hate me? How many health care workers do you think have come to this obscure blog and threatened me with all manner of things, up to physical harm? There are an alarming number! I would never have believed it if I hadn't experienced it first hand!

P.S. Thinking of all the threats I have received, I am still waiting for an appointment with the medical worker who wants to slap me around for objecting to Versed. I work in heavy construction, this prancing little sissy has no chance against me, but I'm perfectly willing to allow this person to take their best shot! So long as there is no syringe of Versed prior to our little meetup.

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  1. I've often said that if Jack the Ripper were alive today he could get away with what he did so long as he was licensed as an OBGYN. Just because a person gets accepted into medical school and graduates does not a sane or ethical person make. There are, no doubt, men and women who choose to go into the field of medicine for less than noble reasons. The roots of the field of gynecology are very disturbing... I have stated many times that my ex-doctor could be the 'un-sub' on an episode of 'Criminal Minds'. The one thing he did at our first meeting that was creepy, yet compelling at the same time... he sat down directly across from me and looked into my eyes and said 'tell me everything'. How many doctors show that kind of concern and take that kind of time with a patient today? Not many... Initially that is why I trusted him. Big mistake... As I began to research my ex-doctor on-line, I was horrified to see that woman after woman who posted comments on the net about him stated that he gained their trust by sitting them down and looking into their eyes and telling them to tell him everything. More research and I learned that this doctor is a transsexual gynecologist who de-sexes women via hysterectomy. I found him on several transsexual sites which recommended him highly for female to male surgeries. This is, of course, a part of his practice he does not disclose to his patients. Had I known this about him, I would have chosen to find another gynecologist; not because I have anything against transgender people but because it's deceptive not to disclose this. Had I known that my ex-doctor was 'into that sort of thing', it would have prompted me to question why he was determined to amputata all of my healthy sex organs with no medical need and without my consent. There is absolutely no question that doctors can be sociopaths, sex offenders, serial killers, etc. just like any other person in any other profession. Oh and by the way, there was recently a 'Criminal Minds' episode about an 'un-sub' who performed hysterectomies on unsuspecting women.