Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Hilarious Post!"

A friend of mine sent me this saying it was "hilarious!" I agree. Here's the post;

"i thought it was 16 years of college ? so how many years is it? what is the celery like?"

The first thing I noticed was the stunning command of the English language and capitalization rules this post has. If this child(?) was in a first grade class, they would probably get an F. I'm pretty sure this is an adult. First we need to define what "it" is. Any guesses? How many years is what? The best is the last sentence which is actually a correct one, except for the capitalization issue. The "celery" was crisp and uniformly light green, without blemishes and served with a cream cheese and black olive filling, thank you very much. (Yeah, yeah, I know, but I like celery prepared like that!) Obviously this is not what the poster is actually asking...

Here's the "answer" from the on-line Q&A forum;

"College, with an excellent GPA and a science emphasis if not a major, is usually four years. Medical school is usually four years. An internship (also called a first-year residency) is usually one year. The anesthesiology residency leading to board eligibility (to take the written and oral board exams (to be known as "board-certified in anesthesiology) is three years. Don't even think about it until you can spell "salary"."

Thank you Dr. Starkman! Here is a link to the post in situ. Anesthesiology: ]anesthesiology, science emphasis, anesthesiology residency How is this person to get into med school, let alone get an anesthesia certification? Is this really an example of the people who are going into medicine? This brings another dimension into play as to why doctors' writing is illegible! (Just kidding!)

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