Monday, March 26, 2012

I Now Have Corroborating Evidence

My husband sent me this in an e-mail; What Hospitals Won't Tell You - Vital Strategies that Could Save Your Life >> Four Winds 10 - Truth Winds This is awesome and I feel vindicated about a lot of my conclusions in this well written piece. Of course there are some quotes from it that I would like to draw your attention to.

"Dr. Steve Hickey is an authority on game theory, cybernetics, and all kinds of mathematical stuff..." Dr. Saul says. "Dr. Hickey wrote a chapter in Hospitals and Health specifically on the "hospital game" and how to play it. He... demonstrates that the outcome depends on you... If you just go in... [they] take you to bed and you keep quiet, you're what Dr. Hoffer calls a "pious patient."

Pious patients tend to get killed.

I was one of those "pious patients." I have offered my opinion previously that the reason my medical team felt so sanguine about obliterating my wishes and my brain was BECAUSE I was so nice. Here a doctor says the same thing. There's more!

"Common sense – good food, good care, as few drugs as possible, and taking charge of your own health." Abraham Hoffer

Yes you read that right and the main item in this simple statement is "as few drugs as possible!" I have been saying this all along. Instead I got a bunch of self centered morons, bad care, as many drugs as possible and I wasn't allowed to take charge of my own health. I was just too nice wasn't I?

"A patient can say, "No. Do not touch me." And they can't. If they do, it's assault, and you can call the police. Now, they might say, "Well, on your way in, you signed this form."

You can unsign it. You can revoke your permission. Just because somebody has permission to do one thing, it doesn't mean that they have the permission to do everything. There's no such thing as a situation that you cannot reverse. If you can make amendments to the U.S. Constitution, you can change your mind about your own personal healthcare. It concerns your very life. You don't want to cry wolf for no reason, but the patient has the potential to put a stop to anything; absolutely anything."

This means NO VERSED! This means that despite what Dorothy the patient relations nurse said to me and regardless of my crna claiming the absolute right to subject me to whatever HE wanted, it's not true. They had no right to treat me in total disregard for the parameters I placed on them, regardless of what they tricked me into signing. I SAID NO! I said it many times and in no uncertain terms. Too bad I was so nice about it. Anybody who has had dealings with bullies, being nice doesn't work. It didn't work for me in the hospital, but I didn't realize at the time what a bunch of lawbreaking dastardly people I was dealing with. I also relied on the myth of "informed consent" which was sorely lacking where I went. They had permission for a nerve block, pain meds and an anti emetic. They did not have permission for all the rest of it.

"... [W]hen you go to the hospital, bring along a black Sharpie pen, and cross out anything that you don't like in the contract. Put big giant X's through entire clauses and pages, and do not sign it. And when they say, "We're not going to admit you," you say, "Please put it in writing that you refuse to admit me." What do you think your lawyers are going to do with that? They have to [admit you]. They absolutely have to..."

This article takes the steps I have outlined to avoid Versed to a new level. I knew that these people (medical field) would try the old "If you don't let us do what we want we will refuse to treat you" line, but I didn't think about what to do if they refused to treat you, other than finding somebody who was competent enough to do it YOUR way. This is gold.

I will be buying my autographed copy of the book "Hospitals and Health" from which some of the above excerpts are drawn at It is also available at Amazon according to the article.

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