Saturday, March 24, 2012

No Versed? We'll PUNISH you!

My sister had another procedure last week. Since she has a similar reaction to mine to this poison, once again she demanded NO VERSED! For once they listened to her. Actually this is the very first time that the medical people listened to her about the Versed. BUT they seem to have new and novel ways to punish people who refuse their precious Versed.

She states that the anesthesia person (don't know if it was a doctor or a nurse) shot her up with Propofol and then laughed at her discomfort. My sister says that the Propofol was EXTREMELY painful! The burning sensation was one of the worst pains that she has experienced, despite having some major health problems that cause severe pain... The anesthesia person laughed and smugly suggested that it was all my sister's fault for refusing Versed!!! How's that for compassion? My question is this... Are we patients being punished for refusing Versed?

If you look around the web, you can see many posts where the authors opine that the procedure was unnecessarily painful. There are a few about the lack of local numbing agents being used, more featuring unnecessary roughness, nastiness, and the deliberate seeming infliction of pain, just because (in the author's opinion) they had refused Versed. My question is; Is this true? Are medical people making procedures as painful and uncomfortable as possible to try to force us to take Versed?

On the other hand are medical people so accustomed to ignoring pain that they are clueless as to how to do a procedure with MINIMUM pain? Are they so inured to patient suffering due to Versed that they don't have the skill set to make sure that the non amnestic patient gets a relatively pain free experience? Think about it! If the anesthesia provider has been trained to ignore pain in an amnestic, Versed doped person, doesn't it follow that they would be sanguine about pain and NOT bother to learn how to lessen it? Why would they care, after all the patient won't remember it! Then when they get a patient who maintains all their faculties, these medical people don't know what to do?

Either way, whether it's punishment for refusing Versed or whether it's simply that the anesthesia people don't know what to do with a cognizant patient, this seemingly punitive/indifferent/cavalier attitude from medical people is unacceptable.

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