Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Tim over at sent me this interesting article;

Psychdata - Dedicated to exposing the fraud of psychiatry: National Depression Scam Day - October 5

In no way am I denigrating those poor souls that have mental disorders! I myself am prone to depression and anxiety now. I occasionally must take Lexapro whenever I need to converse with medical people or I suffer from SEVERE anxiety, to the point where I can't even walk through the medical doors... Then comes the depression... This "new normal" was brought to me by a crna named Aaron and Versed. Take a close look at #3! Does it sound familiar?

In my opinion anesthesia providers are even worse than psychiatrists with their drugs. At least with a shrink, people go to them because they already have problems. With anesthesia they give you a drug to CREATE problems. The worst part is that these anesthesia "healers" could give a damn about the torture they expose you to with the use of Versed. At least your shrink will pretend to care, and if you don't like one drug, they can try another.

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