Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Magical Thinking of (some) Nurses

Recently I was sent a copy of this post from an online conversation;


Nearly every medical situation? In your first comment, you sounded like a druggie. You just confirmed it.
I reiterate: If you don't want to be given versed, stay away from situations that will cause that to happen. Stay out of the ER, and leave the emergency department for people who truly have a life-threatening emergency.
I wanted to share this post (deleted by the administrator, "warm socks" couldn't read the RULES on posting on this site) as an example of "magical thinking" by some nurses.  I am making some of my own assumptions here.  1) (a) This person is a nurse (b) in an OR or in an ER  2)  This person is female  3)  This person is a BIG fan of Versed. 
My assumptions about "warm socks" are arrived at thusly; Warm socks are used in the OR to keep the patient warm in a cold environment. I think it likely that a person who uses "warm socks" as a screen name is female, because it conjures up warm, caring, "maternal" feelings. The obvious assumption about "warm socks" loving Versed being that most medical workers LOVE Versed and immediately attack, disparage, impugn the motives of, slander and libel anybody who disagrees with their assessment of Versed. Hence the "druggie" references. Since doctors don't generally act like this, I'm thinking nurse. 
Here's the post where "warm socks" claims that the writer has CONFIRMED that they are a druggie;
"Pretty hard to stay away from Versed as it is used in nearly every single medical situation. I have looked up the side effects of Versed (called Vitamin V by medical workers) and it's very hard to find any literature about the severe side effects. Mostly medical people like the drug and conceal the bad stuff..."
Do you see anything in this post that would lead you to believe that the poster is a druggie?  Let alone any kind of "confirmation" that they are a druggie?  Do you see anything in the post that would lead you to believe that the author haunts emergency rooms?  This is an example of "magical thinking" by somebody, presumably a nurse.  I can make assumptions myself.  However mine are based on facts in evidence, not magical thinking.

It's not like I have never seen this kind of "thinking" (I use the term loosely) in medical professionals.  I was treated to it by my "team" in the debacle that started my journey into medical practices.   I have been treated to "magical thinking" by some of my commenters as well.  They IMAGINE that they know what happened to me, what I did or did not say before, during and after my debacle, the content of what I signed, and in one extreme instance I was blamed by the hospital "patient relations nurse" for my NEGATIVE THOUGHTS causing a poor surgical outcome at her facility.  I'm very aware of magical thinking in some nurses, but I digress...

Moving along, "warm socks" did not do HER OWN RESEARCH into the person who wrote the comment on Versed.  The poster is NOT a druggie.  The poster doesn't frequent emergency rooms.  I personally know the original poster and nothing could be farther from the truth. (Absolutely provable.)

The person that "warm socks" references holds several government sub-contractor badges which allow them to enter sensitive sites, military bases and off limits (to the public) portions of airports.  It is simply not possible in the real world for this person to be a druggie.  This person's various licenses and permits won't allow it what with all the random drug testing and FBI background checks at EACH AND EVERY FACILITY.  Entry points, guard shacks etc have drug sniffing dogs and men/women with guns.  Go ahead and try to get into a facility like that while on drugs.  I also want to mention the "drug wands" which detect drug RESIDUE on brief case handles, steering wheels, clothing, you get the drift.  If any part of you, your vehicle or your personal possessions has a .5% (that's point five percent) reading of drug residue you must have everything including the personal vehicle CLEANSED before you are allowed in.  The drug residue readings even capture "ephedrine" which I believe is common in cold remedies.  I do not know if pseudo-ephedrine shows up as ephedrine.  Poppy seed bagels DO also show up as heroin.  They can do more tests to determine if the "residue" is from poppy seeds or drugs, but this process is involved and means that the poster won't be doing their job at THAT facility for a day or two.  Thankfully this person has no "state secrets" for nosy drug pushers at hospitals to ferret out.  However this does not mean that the poster wants Versed under any circumstances.

Isn't it amazing that a presumed nurse has such psychic powers?  "Warm socks" states with absolute authority that the poster is a druggie who uses an ER for non life threatening things in order to get drugs, and that they have proved or confirmed it in some kind of imaginary way.  The poster doesn't like Versed so this is what they are accused of.  Does it make any sense to you?   Here's another flaw in "warm socks" thinking...don't druggies WANT drugs?  Why would a druggie who wants drugs object when given a benzo?  I don't understand, but then I have no psychic powers.

Do you like the idea of a (presumed) nurse deciding that you are some kind of sub standard human being and attributing to you this kind of thing without any proof or merit to the claims?  I find it alarming.  How do you think this person will treat you if they divine in their little minds that you are guilty of things that you are not?  I'm not sure if reality (proof of innocence) interferes with magical thinking. 

I have other examples of magical thinking by nurses sprinkled throughout this blog in my posts and especially in the comments.  It absolutely amazes me.  I wonder if being around drugs all the time does this to what would be a normal person?  I don't know one other field which produces so many people who think they are omnipotent mind readers.

This post is getting a little long so I'll close with this...  "Warm socks" opines that we should all avoid anything that would lead to a Versed injection.  Here's the quote;
"If you don't want to be given an injection of versed, stay away from situations that will lead to that happening."

The magic nurse (my opinion, if he/she can give an opinion on a person he/she never met claiming that they are a drug user who frequents ER's in a quest for drugs, then *I* can make some assumptions myself) wants you to stay away from the dentist's office, don't drive a car, don't walk down the street, never grow old, don't get sick, don't ride horses, don't ride a motorcycle, don't drink, don't eat food, don't drink the water, don't go to an emergency room, and on and on and on in order to avoid getting a Versed injection.  In fact maybe he/she wants you to just die so that you won't have to worry about getting Versed.  No you moron, YOU DON'T SHOOT US UP WITH VERSED!  That's the real answer.  It's pure insanity to tell us to "stay away from situations that will lead to that happening."  How absurd your reasoning is cupcake.  But then why would I expect sanity from a "psychic" with magical powers anyway? 

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  1. Warm Socks IS female. So at least one of my assumptions was correct. As I find out more, I will post them here in the comments.