Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Do You Feel Safe In The Home?"

I recently read an article about the questions from medical workers.  One of them is "Do you feel safe in the home."   They think they are doing us a service asking such an asinine question.  Who in their right mind would answer that one "yes"?  If you answer yes, then they will keep you longer and run up the bill?  Or will they send a little government minion out to your house (called a social worker) to endanger you more?  The last thing most people who aren't "safe in the home" need is some busybody coming out, demanding entrance to the home and questioning the people who live there.  If you have ever been around an abusive partner, then you know how dangerous this kind of behavior from the government is.  The minute the intruder is gone, the hapless battered wife/husband is going to get the sh*t kicked out of them, I can guarantee it.  No I don't indulge in this behavior myself, but I have known some people who have.

They asked me that question in my own debacle at the treatment facility.  They were all so very concerned about my SAFETY IN THE HOME. but they were entirely unconcerned that I was at great risk FROM THEM!  It amazes me that these medical people can be so obtuse about things.  They themselves were far more of a danger to me, physically, mentally and financially than any wife beater.  What kind of sanctimonious thinking goes into asking a question like this?  A bunch of creeps who batter people for a living are concerned over your safety at home?  What a crock.  At least with a wife/husband beater the victim has some recourse.  The police will come and lock up the perp.  What can you do when your medical team performs surgery badly, harms you, drugs you, falsely imprisons you, causes infections etc.?  Nothing.  They are above the law when it comes to assault with grievous bodily harm.  (yes it is false imprisonment when your medical team DRUGS YOU or STRAPS YOU DOWN on the gurney to prevent you signing out AMA)

So, to my mind, (some) medical workers get away with doing the EXACT SAME THING as a violent predator does.  They just have to claim that they were only trying to help.  STOP TRYING TO HELP!  Don't these medical workers realize that their HELP is not needed in this case?  What we all need help with is some kind of protection from the predatory practises of medical workers.  We don't need intrusive questions which may cause us even greater harm.

The other question avidly asked by medical workers is about the "advance directive" you may or may not have.  They want to know if they SCREW UP ROYALLY do they really, really have to try to save you?   Go in for some minor surgical procedure and they want permission to kill you/let you die.  I've never seen anything like it.  That's for another post.

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