Sunday, October 6, 2013

SEDATION Causes Brain Damage! Scientific Study!

I found an excellent article here:  ICU Delirium Affects Brain After Discharge  We who have suffered after our medical interventions with VERSED the chemical Alzheimer's drug have been saying that the VERSED has caused us to lose some brain function.  Here's an excerpt from the article, which is not written by me! 

"At the early follow-up point of 3 months, the scores were worse than typical for moderate traumatic brain injury for 40% and more than two standard deviations below normal, akin to mild Alzheimer's disease, for 26%." 

Did you catch that?  A hospital stay CAUSES more brain damage than moderate traumatic brain damage in a huge percentage of patients, and the culprit is often sedation!  "Prior studies have shown that reducing sedative exposure can cut down on ICU delirium as can attempts to get patients alert and mobile in the ICU, he explained in an interview."  The article (of course) doesn't say WHICH drug they are using for "sedation" but we can guess can't we?  This is AFTER 3 MONTHS!  All you medical people who claim that once your nasty drug Versed is out of our system, that the brain damage you deliberately induced goes away are lying to your patients.  Medical workers MUST know that their drug of choice is causing us harm, sooo why don't they care?  Why do they suggest that those of us who write/speak about our problems with Versed are crazy?  Why do they HATE us with a passion that has to be seen to be believed?

Here's another statement from the article for all the under 49 age group who may think that this brain damage only happens to "old folks".

 "Even for those 49 and younger without any coexisting conditions, 34% scored similar to moderate traumatic brain injury at 12 months and 20% scored as if they had mild Alzheimer's disease.

"Unlike Alzheimer's disease, however, which affects delayed memory much more than other domains, long-term cognitive impairment after critical illness tended to affect multiple cognitive domains," Pandharipande's group pointed out."

34% of younger people scored similar to moderate traumatic brain injury A YEAR AFTER BEING SEDATED and suffering from ICU delirium!  A full ONE FIFTH, that's one out of five young people scored as if they had mild Alzheimer's disease.  Except that the "sedation" induced delirium created MORE brain problems than Alzheimer's!  Wow!  Yet our esteemed medical workers pretend that Versed is harmless in any amount.  Even this article is deliberately understating the importance of sedation causing and creating the problem.  We are all lying about our symptoms and deserve their hatred for even suggesting that their favorite torture drug isn't causing us permanent damage.  Also of note is the "without any coexisting conditions".  Normal functioning people are going in for treatment and are leaving the hospital with "moderate" brain damage.  Just like all the people who have written to me say has happened to them.  You know, all that "anecdotal evidence" that medical workers tell you to ignore as they prepare to damage YOUR brain...

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