Sunday, October 6, 2013

More On The Hospital Prank

I wrote about how a hospital employee was subjected to humiliating photos by her co-workers a couple of weeks ago.  Here's the link to the article about it.  The OR is not a good place for a prank  I pulled the following from the comments.  (none by me)  We patients are starting to notice problems with health care and the individuals who populate treatment centers... 

"Patients under anesthesia are violated regularly in teaching hospitals.
An unconsious patient is nothing more than a "lab rat" for medical students, interns, etc.
No one entering a hospital should just sign the consent form the patient registration people throw at you, unless and until you read it thoroughly!!
Signing it without reading it, gives the hospital total control of your person (body) and you have no recourse.
Consent forms DO NOT PROTECT CONSUMERS, they protect the facility and its agents."

I thought that maybe "hearing" it from somebody other than me might help.  DON'T SIGN THE CONSENT FORM until you read it and strike out the offensive parts.  I have stated over and over that the alleged "informed consent" and the "consent to treat" forms are nothing but "hold harmless" agreements to allow medical people to do whatever they want to you without recourse.  Here is another person admonishing you to do the same.

Here's another quote from the same place, also not me;

"It just makes me wonder how many hapless patients have been deliberately humiliated by their so-called "trusted" doctors and nurses once they've been put under, but they just haven't found out about it."

I don't wonder at all after my assault in a hospital setting.  I was aware and forming memories when they all thought I had amnesia from Versed.  I had a first hand experience with medical workers at that time "up close and personal."  It wasn't nice.  I WAS "deliberately humiliated" by my so-called "trusted" doctors and nurses."  Lucky me their amnesia drug didn't work on me (no surprise here, for me at least, paradoxical reactions are my stock in trade) I KNEW all about their behavior for all the good it did me...


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