Sunday, October 6, 2013

Peculiar To Versed

Here's a post from yet another person who has had his brain fried with Versed...

Posted by Charles T on September 22, 2013
"I was given versed without my consent.  For the last three months I've suffered from anxiety and depression.  The hospital said that they could do whatever they wanted to me.  I've had thoughts of suicide and self harm to include blood pressure of 180/125 which they say is nothing to worry about.  I'm so angry at times I just shake and then I just break down and cry afterward.  The hospital has offered me no help and I guess according to them, nothing is wrong.  Do I really need to put a 12 guage to my head in their burger shop so they can't ignore me?"

I have gotten e-mail after e-mail from people who feel the way this poor guy does.  Charles T you should never have gotten Versed without consent.  It's a violation of Federal Civil Law.  The hospital told me too that "they could do whatever they want" and that's what they did.  They cited "Standard of Care" which is the medical cartel's carte blanche to themselves.  "Standard of Care" is a misnomer used to cover up wholesale assaults on patients, in my opinion.  "Standard of care" is CONTRARY to the LAW as it pertains to patient care. 

What a "relaxing drug" Versed is to cause blood pressure of 180/125.  This is way too high and is of concern to everybody at any time EXCEPT when their precious "relaxation" drug is used.  Then and only then is this kind of blood pressure of no consequence.  Any normal medical worker would be alarmed at this blood pressure. 

Why should simple little anti-anxiety drug cause the mental destruction of Charles and lots of us who have been treated to this wonder drug?  That's because the "anti-anxiety" properties of this poison are not real.  This is a patient control and (they hope) an amnesia drug.  It does absolutely NOTHING to alleviate anxiety, it only erases SOME of the symptoms of anxiety by preventing the patient from ACTING on the increased anxiety.  Blood pressure spikes are not a sign of relaxation.  Only medical workers who love Versed would say such a stupid thing.  They will do ANYTHING, say ANYTHING so that their "screw you" drug isn't targeted.

Rage is a common "side effect" of having your brain attacked by the drug.  I can't tell you how many people are reporting this.  So far all I have been able to find out about this is that Versed affects the amygdala, the "lizard brain" in a bad way and creates this almost unbearable hostility...or murderous rage to put it another way.  My husband caught me looking into the faces at a marathon.  He asked me if I was looking for Aaron, my crna.  (Aaron told me he broke his ankle jogging, I figured he might run in marathons) I didn't even notice that I was doing that!  My husband wanted to know what I would have done if I HAD seen him.  I honestly don't know.  I don't know if I would have verballed him or physically assaulted him.  I just don't know.  My amydala had taken over with its fight or flight ideation.  My personality style dictates a more, shall we say, aggressive approach.  I understand Charles completely.

The hospital doesn't give a shit about you Charles.  They got their money, now you don't matter.  I'm sorry to say that, but one of the steps to healing is to understand the enemy.  They are NOT concerned about YOU.  They are concerned with procedures and billing.  They can bill more if they use Versed, that's all it is.  Well, almost all.  They surely do like obedient mindless zombies who will reveal their darkest secrets for the amusement of staff.  YOUR reaction to this is of complete disinterest to them.  They LIKE torturing patients when they think that the patient won't remember.  It's so much EASIER to deal with those nasty, pesty patients that way.  Get rid of them and their demands at the earliest possible moment by detaching their brain. 

I know how much more ANGRY it makes patients to have their concerns dismissed by the medical behemoth.  It made me angry too and I had similar thoughts.  To be deliberately and perhaps MALICIOUSLY injected with this kind of control drug, which leaves the victim alone to fight off the often severe side effects is detrimental to us. 

I hope Charles gets a grip on his drug induced rage for HIS sake, not medical workers.  To my mind medical workers have to be FORCED to recognise what their pet drug does to people.  They apparently need some really bad things to happen before they wake up and smell the coffee.  Of course with their delusional thinking that Versed is wonderful, they will probably blame it on something else...the fluorescent lighting maybe?


  1. I am not any angry person. I still get angry over this. I'm getting help this week but I was able to destroy my relationship. PTSD is what they call it. I call it a living hell. Had a severe event tonight.

  2. It is living HELL! There are plenty of us who have been through the same thing, although it is DENIED by medical workers. I'm lucky my husband didn't leave. He did tell me that he was considering taking our daughter and getting the hell away from me... It gets better slowly but never goes completely away, in my experience, and I still have problems with medical settings. Luckily Tim and Kirt from versedbusters helped me through it. Lexapro also helped when I took it briefly. I'm so sorry you had this experience and joined our "club".