Sunday, October 6, 2013

Einstein's Brain

Here's an article I saw today on Einstein's brain. Einstein's Brain Had Well-Connected Hemispheres That Sparked His Brilliance, Study Suggests Isn't it interesting that his prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain with abstract thinking was "extraordinary"?  What part of the brain does Versed affect badly.  That's right the prefrontal cortex.  Einstein's brain also had a much larger corpus callosum which allowed a more free exchange of information between the two hemispheres.  Does this explain why so many bright people retain memory even when their brain is assaulted with Versed?  I have thought that since bright people OBVIOUSLY process information differently than most, that they must have more "pathways" in the brain enabling them to store more information globally.  Just a theory, I don't do experiments in my home.  That behavior would get me thrown in jail! 

The question posed by a commenter on is (paraphrased) Would medical workers vandalize Einstein's brain with Versed or would they recognise the superior qualities of it and not try to damage him in any way with their brain poison.  I truly believe that today's medical workers would GLADLY inject Versed into Albert Einstein without a second thought.

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