Sunday, October 6, 2013

Insane Nurse Lectures Us Peons!

Insane Nurse strikes again! LOL Not content with being a mere np this person must try to convince us of their complete and supreme Holiness. Here's the quote and it may also be found in the comments section of "Pulled From The Comments" where I comment on their previous comment.
"Name removed" has left a new comment on your post "Pulled From The Comments...":

"CRNA's have been giving safe anesthesia for many. many years and not much if anything is beyond their skill level. As far as the attitude is concerned, get over it. Medicine isn't a social gathering. Physician's have the same if not larger attitude problems than CRNA's. This isn't about what you "deem" acceptable unless you are an anesthesiologist or CRNA.
Oh yes, regarding your warning to people to not have ORIF of distal radius fractures, that is absolutely ridiculous. How would YOU have them fix the fracture? Maybe YOU in all of your astounding medical wisdom could come and walk us through an alternate procedure.
You are doing nothing more than spreading lies and misinformation. Shame on you..."
Of course I have some things to say about this arrogant and angry post. First of all I am well aware that nurses helped with anesthesia for years. Look at the ARROGANCE behind this next statement. "...not much if anything is beyond their skill level." If that's true then why do we even have MDA's? Why do these nurses need supervision in most cases? Why would MDA's do the hard cases, you know, those that require extra skill, not just sedation and easy cases? YOU are spreading lies and disinformation when you make this claim!

In my experience physicians DO NOT HAVE THE EGO PROBLEMS THESE NURSES DO! Doctors are not out there prancing around and claiming superiority. They are not crna's comparing themselves to doctors and whining and crying because they aren't paid as much...
My stepfather is a real Dr. and he isn't like these nasty little nurses at all. He is the nicest man you would ever want to meet. He CARES about his patients and respects their wishes AND their decisions. Insane Nurse can you see that you are proving my point? Could it be that YOUR attitude is why you feel that physicians are so terrible? Maybe you need to be put in your place? You may be doing something to cause their wrath. Time for some self examination...

Second of all honey, *I* am in charge of my own care! Do you not know or understand "informed consent" laws? What do you believe these laws are designed to provide? Are they hold harmless agreements for YOUR benefit or are they patient autonomy laws designed to protect patients from people like you who feel we have no right to decide what is in our own best interests? What is your problem? IT'S ALL ABOUT ME! It's my body, it's my mind and you dear Insane Nurse are merely the hired help. You are to do as you are told. What is so hard to understand about that? IT'S THE LAW!

I had a terrible and entirely preventable outcome from my ORIF. I would never have risked it if the law had been followed. I guess according to Insane Nurse's logic, the surgeon was also under no obligation to reveal what the surgery entailed including the risks. The only person who could make the decision FOR ME about whether this surgery was advisable would be the surgeon himself? So when do we start dragging people off the street and deciding that they need Versed and/or surgery? What happened to the laws pertaining to forced medical care and full disclosure? What happened to the laws which state that patients have a right to decline any part of medical treatment? By the way nurse, you are not a doctor. I am supposed to care about the OPINION of a nurse, as opposed to my personal experience! ROFL! Get over yourself.

Let me explain some things to you about distal radius fractures. There are other ways to treat them. Insane Nurse did you know that? There is something called an External Fixator. That's when they use a device OUTSIDE the body to hold the fracture in place. Look it up, as you won't believe a mere patient such as me. This wasn't mentioned to me until after my debacle. It's the law that this be mentioned. It's the law that the horrible effects of my ORIF be mentioned as well. But according to you, I don't have a right to this info at all. Only my surgeon needs to know this because (obscurely) "Medicine isn't a social gathering" What the Hell are you talking about? Social gathering? I don't think I'm going to have surgery, or any other medical thing happening at a social gathering, so what's your point?

FYI, A surgeon told me that given the skill set of the man who (allegedly) did my surgery I would have had a poor prognosis even if he had done the external fixator.

Moving on, there are also casting techniques that can be used with a distal radius fracture. Don't tell me you've never heard of this! They use a plaster or plastic cast (have you heard of THAT?) and place the arm in certain positions for a period of time. Gee I feel really silly having to explain this to a person such as yourself who know everything! You aren't a doctor either, so stop with the sneering... You are just a nurse and apparently I DO have more "astounding medical wisdom" than you do! I hope that you are now enlightened about alternatives to ORIF distal radius. Happy to be of help.

Last but not least, THE most important statement of Insane Nurse. "This isn't about what you "deem" acceptable unless you are an anesthesiologist or crna." Everybody get that? Insane Nurse is stating that we patients are insignificant cretins. (In so many words) He feels that there are no laws to protect us from this kind of arrogance. This is the most insightful statement I have ever read as it pertains to medical personnel. We patients have NO RIGHT to decide what we "deem" acceptable. None. No law will protect us. We are to be helpless pawns for the enrichment of crna's and others. Whatever they say goes. It's OUR body and it's OUR mind, it's OUR money, but according to insane nurse, too bad, it's all up to whatever THEY WANT! I have never seen such an arrogant, lawless statement from a so called medical professional in my life. Insane Nurse I'm surprised that you would actually write this in a public forum. Thanks for your candor. I've been saying this for YEARS! Our medical workers could give a crap less about what we want, need or give permission for. They could give a crap less about patient protection laws or anything else. I am still having trouble grasping the cold evil soul of a person who could write such a thing!

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