Sunday, September 1, 2013

An Example of the DISRESPECT!

Here is another example of the extreme disrespect and utter disdain our medical workers feel for the people who pay their enormous and UNEARNED salaries. WARNING: LANGUAGE

Dan V has left a new comment on your post "Yet Another Person Drugged Against Their Will":

"You need to be crazy to be making a big deal out of this. Did the surgery fucking hurt? I bet NO. Then the anesthesiologists did a great job doing that.
Fucking nutcase"

I'm not sure that the author of the above comment has recognised that the ARTICLE I cited in my post wasn't me. *I* "need to be crazy to make a big deal out of this"? Really? The lying by medical practitioners, the flouting of the LAW, the disregard for the patients wishes, none of this should be a big deal? WOW! What are we patients to this commenter? Just dogs to be kicked to the curb? What the HELL has happened, not only to obeying the law, but also to "first do no harm"? *I* must be crazy for making a big deal out of this? NO, this commenter must be crazy for being so completely out of control as to suggest that as long as the surgery didn't "fucking hurt" that the anesthesia providers should be able to indulge in felonious, lawless behavior without any reprisal. Apparently we patients are not even allowed to complain about the high handed attitude from medical workers who defy our wishes AND THE LAW!

I don't know if the "surgery fucking hurt". Neither does he/she. He/she can only "bet NO."   I'm not sure if "betting NO" counts for jumping to his/her next conclusion i.e. "the anesthesiologists did a great job..."  In my own opinion the "anesthesiologists" (another assumption from the commenter, the article cited CLEARLY STATES THAT IT WAS A CRNA not an anesthesiologist) did NOT "do a great job doing that."  We just don't know because the main thrust of the original post was that the person being operated on wanted to be AWAKE and WASN'T.  That is an abject FAILURE on the part of the anesthetist.  It amazes me that my commenter can't see that.  The anesthetist, whatever their level of training was, FAILED the patient and FAILED to follow the law.  Whether or not the person in the article felt any pain, or as my educated commenter writes, "the surgery fucking hurt" is UNKNOWN and completely beside the point.  (If you read the article there is some mention of alleged pain.  ALLEGED because medical workers use this ruse to justify drugging the patient.  They also use some kind of nebulous "anxiety" as an excuse.)

I'm really not sure whom the commenter Dan V is calling a "fucking nutcase", as he/she didn't specify.  If he/she is calling the PATIENT who was lied to and assaulted by her anesthesia person or if he/she is calling ME a "fucking nutcase" is open for conjecture.  Either way it doesn't really matter does it?  This commenter Dan V is the "fucking nutcase" for being unable to discern that the patient has a very real right to object to this kind of treatment.  She was treated with an absolute disregard for patients rights LAWS and for her own parameters.  The anesthetist(s) should have the pants sued off of them and in a perfect world should be jailed for assault and battery.

As a final note, resorting to using profanity and pejoratives in a comment against a patient or me is also a FAIL!  Attacking the victim is out of favor...  I'm fairly certain that Dan V is a crna, but that is just a deduction based on personal "anecdotal" experience.  Maybe he/she is just a BULLY! 

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